Man-faced Shield Bug (Catacanthus incarnatus, Pentatomidae)

These large true bugs occur in four bright colour morphs: red, orange, yellow and cream with dark eye spots on their and/or forewings, advertising their noxious taste and also perhaps functioning as eyespots to mislead predators. Overall, the spotted pattern resembles a man’s face when one views the bug oriented with the head downwards (I can see you tilting your head).

by Sinobug (itchydogimages) on Flickr.
Pu’er, Yunnan, China

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Every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent has at least one skill set that’s only used if the situation demands it. For Hawkeye, it’s ballet. For the Black Widow, it’s hockey. For Maria Hill, it’s auctioneering, and for Nick Fury, it’s crocheting (just to name a few). And it’s not like they know just enough of their skills to get by; they’re actually really good at them.

Theology for Beginners, Chapter 16: The Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the Sea

AUTHOR: missviolethunter / missviolethunterwrites
GENRE: Romance / Drama
FIC SUMMARY: During the events of The Avengers, a woman finds herself in the hands of an arrogant god that she can’t seem to comprehend.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: None for this chapter.

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July 8. Rome. 11:45 PM.

Jane Foster closed her laptop in a hurry, hid a bunch of important looking documents inside a brown bag, and stashed both things under her bed before walking at a quick pace towards the door, almost tripping over the bird’s nest of cables that covered the floor.

If Leah’s hotel room in Rome looked modern, serene, the masterpiece of a very dedicated and very zen interior decorator, Jane’s apartment was a disorganized mess, with piles of papers and electronic equipment scattered through every room, visible from the moment any visitor arrived. Not that she’d had any visits, because only her intern and Tony Stark knew that she was there, and that’s why the sound of the doorbell had startled her so much. Suddenly, the idea of one or more SHIELD agents coming to interrogate her about her unusual change of continents seemed very plausible. Another possibility would be Stark, wanting to help. Jane wasn’t sure which one of the two she feared more, so she just took a deep breath, tried to smile and opened the door to find the subject of her investigations carrying two heavy plastic bags full of groceries and panting like she had just ran up the three flights of stairs from the street.

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"Goodbye, Skye. You’ll be a great girl, I promise, and one day we will meet again, little star"


"Here agent Romanoff. I think we have made a mistake, she is just a baby, Martha"
“She is a 0-8-4. And call me agent Jones, this call will be recorded”


“Who the fuck are you?”
“I’m your father, Skye, and I hope you know that I hate guns”


“I can explain, Jemma, but keep calm. Please”

~~>Stars will guide us home

The Singing Towers is in reality a hospital, where River Song gave birthday to a little girl who she called Skye. But the library is a fixed point and the Doctor can’t save her, so he send his “little star” on earth; the only one who know this is Martha Jones, an unit agent who is undercovered at SHIELD, and she gave to Agent Natasha Romanoff rescue mission of the little girl in a hospital located in France, in Montreal.
After some years, the Doctor returns in New York to find Skye.