I constantly thank god for this man.


Bellamy + Clarke || My Salvation by Coldrequiem (forbeslover)

"the dwarves! They are rallying!"

*emotional voice* “they are rallying for their king.”

This scene is so fucking emotional to me because Gandalf finally sees Thorin as the king he was always meant to be, and he is so happy for a second because seeing Thorin sick with dragon sickness must have hurt him a great lot

anonymous asked:

PA vs. MD? Is there any reason you would choose MD if not for the money and the title? And possibly the slightly greater autonomy?

Dear anon,

I do not know if you meant for the tone of your question to be direct or inflammatory or blunt but frankly, your question pissed me off. If you did not mean it, that’s alright. This has, and always will be, a touchy subject for me because I take a lot of pride in pursuing medicine to provide care and education for underserved patients, and recently, teaching med students and residents in the future. For me, it will never be about the money or the two letters behind my name.

I have always cautioned that anyone who pursues medicine for money or glory is barking up the wrong tree. MDs are only anticipated to make less and less money in America. The glory of an MD is eroded when patients are litigation-happy, physician suicide and substance abuse rates are high, and people continue to perpetuate stereotypes of wealthy, unfeeling physicians who live like rock stars, causing distrust and misinformation in the public sphere. Most docs I know drive modest cars, shop for sales, and live in modest homes. We are fighting to regain respectability, pride, and the survival of our profession. 

I really know next to nothing about the PA degree, but I am passionate about the degree I have chosen. I am unfortunately not the right person to answer your question. Those who might be able to offer insight, please help this anon out!

Okay. We all saw that Korrasami scene at the end, but...

…are we not going to talk more about the awesome airbending teamwork? The animation? The music? Mako actually doing something this season? Bolin coming to save his brother? Hiroshi’s dramatic sacrifice? Kuvira thanking Korra and admitting to her crimes? Tahno playing the trombone? Lu and Gang? Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding? Varrick being a lovable moron? Badger moles? Prince Wu being a generally likable and useful character? Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Surely, Korra and Asami being lesbians isn’t the only thing the show will be remembered for, right? There’s so much more to talk about here.

arkhamhorror asked:

IMAGINE CLEAR PLAYING PEEK-A-BOO WITH THE BABY!! Omg, fast forward and they're all taking turns teaching it how to walk and talk!! Noiz keeps teaching it inappropriate words and gets scolded by the other guys. Mink's reaction to the baby calling him "daddy"! Aoba bathing the baby and playing with the bubbles to make beards. MINK DECORATING THE BABY'S HAIR WHEN IT'S A CHILD. AAEGJNBOTRJKGEKRL. Omg, you have me addicted to daddy poly AU now.

Yesss, embrace the daddy AU,

•Mink would teach them about nature, his traditions, his songs, he’d brush the child’s hair every morning

•Clear would give them piggyback rides and take them to the park and sometimes, just sometimes, they would go out to the balcony and gaze into the night

•Noiz would love to spoil them, he’d try to be a “cool dad”, the first days he wouldn’t sleep really, he’d stay in the nursery in case the baby wakes up

•Koujaku would teach them Japanese traditions, he’d teach them how to use a sword (just because? Child wants a sword like daddy’s) so he agrees to teach him so you’d see them in the backyard training with sticks (this would happen only once their child is old enough ofc)

•Aoba would love playing with them, but he’d get a little too worried since it’s his first child and oh my god my boyfriends are all spoiling them so he kinda wants to act like the -motherly- figure

•Ren would teach them a lot of things, he’d read to them and with them, he’d prepare the best food for them and make sure the milk is warm enough and check the baby’s temperature

I could write about poly dmmd daddy au for hours


Bryke and Nickelodeon could continue the Avatar series if they get enough signatures on with this petition! Please get as many people to sign it as you can! They could continue the stories of everyone from both series! Please sign it if you can, we need a ton more signatures!

Here’s the link to sign:


YO PEOPLE, if anyone of you know when Messi will get married in Venice: Let me know! I have always wanted to go there, and i’ve always wanted to meet my fave.. So help a girl out here

i’ll figure out how to get in, just let me know