150329 First Love - EXO [Korean Version]

“If you guys keep worrying I’ll be more hurt.” – Sehun

(Full details of the incident here.)

My heart hurts so much with everything that’s happening.

First, knowing that Sehun hurt himself. Though the members assured everyone that it is nothing serious, I still worry. Sehun wouldn’t go running off stage if it didn’t hurt so bad.

Second, seeing him cry not because of physical pain but because he feels sorry for making everyone worry and not being able to perform anymore. He was advised not to go back on stage but he insisted because he personally wanted to talk to fans and explain.

“If you guys keep worrying I’ll be more hurt.” – Sehun
Look at him thinking about his fans before himself.

Thankfully, the medical team are doing their job well by advising Sehun not to perform anymore. Please get him checked to make sure everything is okay. Hitting the head might not be an uncommon incident but it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Sehun, please don’t cry anymore. It’s okay. Please worry about yourself first. :( We love you and we undertsand! <3