also final rant of the night god bless every1 who was dealing with me on this so far lol i have a headache and i only accomplished 5% of what i was gonna do toDAY BUT ANYWHO

like this is such a big reason why i’m so against letting small children have regular access to technology. like i’ve noticed ever since their folks let them play with the tablets and stuff whenever they’re bored or whiny, they become more bratty and short-tempered overall. like they have 0 patience, refuse to allocate their attention on anything for a long period of time, and it’s so much harder to please them??? like i know you might be like “they’re just being kids” but if you really dont think technology has an impact on how children behave idk what to tell you


hi hello sorry i’ve barely been on for the last week. this is actually the first night i’ve been both home and not in the process of getting ready for some big thing the next day in a WEEK.

in related news, celebration was super dude heavy but generally very satisfying. i cried while watching the rogue one panel and a lot of other times tbqh. my monday/tuesday 29 hours of el capitan/marvel hell was one, not as exhausting as i expected and two, very worth it because fun things like walking around in a cap robe for a long ass time/experiments in creative movie theater seat x pillow placement/FREEDOM FROM SPOILER STRESS BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN AOU. (p.s. if any of you want/need spoilers just ask off anon).


((I wish I was better at handling things. Like, listening to the CD I got in the mail today really helped my mood… until I realized the second part I auditioned for was taken and my audition wasn’t even acknowledged and why do I keep freaking out over nothing? I don’t even know if my audition was in on time. I feel so stupid.

I’m just gonna read a couple more posts and then go to bed though. Sorry.))


The girls and I headed out to Summer’s crib today because it’s her birthday! We had a strict “girls only” movie marathon session that involved a lot of crying, screaming, hugging and well, basically the stuff what most girls would do when watching romantic comedy and horror films.

I can definitely say that this has been the BEST Monday of the year so far (all thanks to Summer’s mom for whipping up extra special treats! Thanks Tita Jenny!). This day was a blast and I’m glad I spent it with good company.

Here’s to more years of adventures and happiness! Happy Birthday Summer! God bless and we love you!

i’m so angry all the time lately but it’s hard not to be when all i see everywhere is casual transphobia and cissexism and i feel like i’m drowning in it.

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You're probably my favourite Cassandra ngl. Your writing is amazing, as is your character interpretation. In your writing I hear the voice of the original character, and you truly capture her well. Keep up the fantastic work darling, you're great!


I have been doing so much homework 

MEANWHILE, writing a paper on ‘fuck’ is not as easy as one would think. My professor posted an article about swearing in the middle ages on the class Facebook page and I started SECOND-GUESSING ALL MY RESEARCH BECAUSE IT’S HARD TO FIND STUFF ABOUT SWEARING, OKAY, and I had a limited time in which to do research 
and then I’m like, ‘well, fuck didn’t even show up until late 1500s, so, WHATEVER, but I should probably still address why obscenity in general was okay in the middle ages but not later, right? I think I have a source for that? I have a vague idea as to why it started being seen as obscene but NOW I REALLY DON’T KNOW AND I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS AUGGGGG’

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Are you loud during sex?

I’ve been told, not like screaming but I moan a lot & I say a lot & scream and bang on stuff if my orgasm is intense enough


for no real reason just feels like a thing I want to do a lot lately

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