(this is a short little lists of tips to help you beautiful people feel better about yourselves c:)

1. eat healthier:switch out a snack a day for an apple or another fruit/vegetable. the healthier you eat, the better you’ll feel about yourself. 

2. dress for yourself: dont feel like you have to wear what everyone else wears. wear what you want! make sure you are comfortable with your wardrobe. the better that you think you look, the better you will feel.

3. tidy up:start small. maybe clean out your closet or clean out your dresser. it doesnt have to be a huge project. but once you clean out the first thing, you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. and it will make things easier to find. which takes some stress off.

4. change up your routine:let’s say every friday you always go to the same restaurant or to your friend’s house. maybe you could go see a movie or go to a different restaurant. the excitement caused by the change will automatically make you feel happy.

5. treat yourself:dont feel like you always have to stay inside. go out and celebrate your awesomeness! maybe go to the mall with friends and get some ice cream. you’ll find that the company of your friends will make you feel happy, even if it is only for a few hours.

6. pick up a new hobby:lately, ive been making jewelry instead of my usual writing/drawing. ive found that picking up a new hobby along with your other ones is really exciting. 

i hope this helps you lovely people feel as amazing as you are!

message me if you need additional help :)



after countless days of waiting today finally came & it was more perfect than I could’ve ever imagined.😭💘👑💋👭 saraferro


hi there friends & family! since spring break is coming up, im just going to give you guys some tips and first hand knowledge about traveling. i have been extremely fortunate to travel to many places outside of the USA. out of all the places i have had the pleasure to travel to, my favorite is the beautiful turks and cacios islands.

I loved the beach, the crystal clear water, the natives, and the food (yes, especially the food). another reason why i probably liked it so much is while staying in turks&cacios, i went on my first date ever. turks&cacios is a great place to go with friends/family/a special someone. i suggest it to anyone wanting an intimate beach experience. 

to get to the point of this article, traveling can be stressful, especially if you are traveling via plane. here are some tips to ease your stress:

  • pack light:i know what you’re thinking. probably something along the lines of “im going out of the country to a beach, im CAN NOT pack light”. but, really, pack light! take one or two bathing suits, two pairs of shorts, one pair of sandals, one pair of fancy shoes, a dress, shirts, and of course pjs. and make sure not to bring your whole makeup bag!
  • make sure to purchase your ticket asap:you want to have first pick on seats, trust me. the last thing that you need is to have a terrible seat on an 8 hour plane ride. 
  • read reviews/book a hotel prior:once you arrive, you’re going to be exhausted. and, once again, the last thing you need is to have to worry about your hotel bed being infested with bed bugs (it can happen, im being serious)
  • do some research on your vacation destination:if you are going on vacation, especially out of your country, you’re going to want to see more than just tourist sites. the native people are why traveling is so much fun. do some research on places that aren’t just made for tourists to see. trust me, you’ll get a lot more out of the trip.
  • go scuba diving/snorkeling: if you’re visiting a place near/on a beach, you have to go scuba diving/snorkeling. the experience is unreal. i promise that you will not regret it!

i hope these tips & suggestions will inspire you to step out of your element and travel. also, i hope they will take some stress out of the commute. i wish you all well :)



I’m a huge movie person, like I love movies more than life itself (well maybe not that much, but i rly like movies). Last weekend, I went to see Divergent with my bestest friend ever, Emma. I haven’t read the book, but I decided that Divergent looked cool, and that I wanted to see it. 

Set/Special Effects/Costumes: I’m a sucker for movies that are visually appealing, and the set/special effects/costumes/makeup for Divergent were just magnificent. I especially enjoyed the city that the movie was taking place in. I think that the movie producers did a spectacular job on that. My favorite part was probably the beginning because it showed the area around the city, leading into the city eventually. It was perfectly done!

Cast & Acting: Before seeing the movie, I wasn’t sure how Shailene Woodley would do, but I happily report that her acting was quite good. I really enjoyed what she did with the character. She is also so gorgeous. Theo James (Four) was also superb. But, honestly, I got distracted by his abs & pErFeCt body like 99% of the time. 

Plot: I looooved the back story to the movie. It was so intricate; you could tell that the author of the book put a lot of thought into it. I liked almost everything about the plot. The only thing that I kind of didn’t like is the cliché love between Four and Triz. Don’t get me wrong, they are an adorable couple, but it was just the basic teen romance novel love that you see every day. The ending of the movie really made me sad because it left it open for interpretation (*cough* a sequel *cough*). I wouldn’t mind a sequel though. 

Overall Experience: I give the movie an 8/10 because the set and the visual effects were absolutely stunning, the acting was good, and the plot was good, just a bit cliché. 

I would suggest seeing this movie for a fun Friday night out with some friends :)


All Wilderness Search and Rescue Personnel will push the limits “That Others May Live.” Respect their dedication and sacrifice by taking every effort to prevent an emergency before it happens.

In today’s article, we’ll examine what the average hiker/camper/outdoor enthusiast can do to increase their chances of being found by examining how Wilderness Search and Rescue Personnel approach the missing person incident.

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