Since my clintasha post has gotten so popular, I think it’s time to give Marvel another list of movies we want. Starting with, why the fuck hasn’t one been announced to we want it, but not before the others.

1) A BLACK WIDOW ORIGNS MOVIE. We all know why, she and Scarlett kick ass. But please, the only men we need in it are end appearances by Clint and Fury.

2) A Hawkeye movie. Come on folks, you have a great opportunity to make thousands of disabled children be represented on screen. Not to mention, with the right script, Renner would capture the hearts of all fans immediately.

3) A Deadpool movie. We all saw the footage just give us more of that.

4) Budapest/Clintasha movie.

5) A movie about Bucky’s transformation into TWS.

6) A Falcon movie. Tell me about how Sam started out, Riley, living with his guilt..basically I’ll watch anything with Mackie.

7) and finally, a Hulk movie. I know, I can feel you all groaning already but let’s be honest, Marvel has finally found an actor who can make GOOD Hulk movies. But don’t rush on this one, the others are much more important.

(and if you wanted to throw in Maria Hill and Sharon Carter mini-series’ too that’d be great.)


Marjane Satrapi looks on as Anna Kendrick and Ryan Reynolds talk about what it’s like to see themselves behaving badly onscreen in ‘The Voices’.

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