Jel Ena

"Vasilisa the Beautiful"

Pastel, Prismacolor on Ingres Paper

9” x 12”

"AUCTION STARTS IN LESS THAN TWO HOURS! This is my finished piece
"Vasilisa the Beautiful" based on gorgeous Russian folktale, for tonight’s auction, opening bid is only $100. It starts at 5 PM eastern time at 
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9 x 12 in. Pastel, Prismacolor on Ingres paper — with Jel Ena M.”

bundle of herbs and a feather and, barely visible on the right, a little cabbage butterfly for taryn, who is just the nicest and most fun to hang out with while tattooing! thanks so much, lady!

Bolotnitsa (rus. болотница “the swamp maiden”) — an evil spirit of the swamps. Unlike rusalkas (russian water spirits, analog of mermaids) bolotnitsa was alomst indistinguishable from mortal women (in other words, she had, hmm, flesh. I just can’t come up with any English word describing an evil spirit, which is not exactly the spirit but some sort of zombie). She was traditionally pictured as an unbelievably beautiful dark-haired woman sitting on enormous water lily with her legs under her. In this way she was hiding her frog (or sometimes goose) legs. If any misfortunate soul dared walking near the swamp, bolotnitsa did her best to persuade the person to come near the water by cries for help, pleas, words of kindness. If person couldn’t resist bolotnitsa’s charm and stepped into the water, she strangled and drowned them immediately.