Orihime's Scrapbook: Dating Rukia

As requested by xxxxanimebitchxxxx. :)

Previously, I’ve imagined dating scrapbooks for IchiRuki, IshiHime, UlquiHime, and UraYoru. Now we have our first gay ship with Orihime and Rukia! If Orihime decided to make Rukia a scrapbook to commemorate their time as a couple, what would it look like?

1. Picture #1: My first date outfit!

I wanted to do something for our first date, but this is the only picture I had!! I didn’t get a picture during the date because, well, I didn’t want to be awkward! In fact, I didn’t try to kiss you or touch you at all, remember? Because I was trying to play it cool. And you ended up wondering if it was just a friend thing after all! Man, I still feel so bad. I was trying so hard to flirt! <3

2. Picture #2: Us at the movies

I was super determined do the second date right, so here’s our silly selfie in the movie theater! This is the only one that had both of our faces totally in frame! I love it because you’re still cracking up over the last few terrible pics, and you look so beautiful! This was when I held your hand during the movie, remember? And you were relieved that it really was a date!

3. Picture #3: Karakura Town at night

This is a picture I took from that roof after our second date. We just sat and talked and held hands and it was so wonderful. The town looks beautiful, too. I’m so lucky to have a girlfriend who can fly in soul form!

4. Picture #4: First Annual Human World Food Extravaganza

Or so I called it! This was me trying to show you all the cool human foods and how they can be mixed together! Buttered yams, red bean paste, donuts, ice cream….all the good things. I really love the way you sometimes get so puzzled by human stuff. It’s cute! 

5. Picture #5: Our first breakfast

Well…not technically the first breakfast. We had that other one when I had food poisoning and tried to hide it and you thought I just hated the food. But the first breakfast we had after you spent the night with me! And who can forget - “Is it too early to say, ‘I love you’?”

6. Leaving for Soul Society

And then there was our Soul Society trip! Here’s us standing in the Squad 13 barracks. Ukitake took this one. He said that he always knew we’d get together.

7. Picnic with Byakuya

I was pretty nervous about “meeting” your brother, which is silly because I’d met him already! But meeting him as your girlfriend felt different! So we had this picnic so it would feel more casual. The cherry trees in the background were beautiful. And I think your brother was really polite and everything!

8. Home!!

It was cool to come back from Soul Society without getting kidnapped.

9. Our one-year anniversary dinner

We decided to get really dressed up and go somewhere fancy. Here we are posing before going out! Tatsuki took the picture for us since she was there to help me get ready.

10. Cold Orihime!

We went on that skiing trip, remember? And then I crashed and got so cold! Here’s the pic you took of me covered in every blanket we could find with just my face peeking out. Apparently you thought this was super cute.

11. Rukia in snow!

You were so in your element! And that scarf looks so adorable on you.

12. Snow bunnies!

Our snow bunnies are so good. 

13. Hot chocolate plus snuggles

That was such a good night.

14. The apartment

And then we decided to move in together - we’d only been dating like a year and a half, but it just felt right. You were at my place all the time you were in the human world anyway! And maybe it was a little silly since you’re in Soul Society so much….but having a place that was *ours* was just so right! I’m glad you agreed to move in with me. And here’s the outside of the new place!

15. Our first night

Here’s our first night in the new place! A bed selfie (we’re getting good at those). I wanted to do something to commemorate us moving in together, because you’re the best girlfriend I could ever hope for! So here’s a half empty scrapbook. And we’ll fill in the rest as we go along, okay? 

I love you!