The second episode of our collaborative series with, called Kingdom Hearts Mysteries, is now live.

For those unfamiliar, we first announced our collaboration back in December, where we’ll be working on a number of episodes that will shed light on the deeper mysteries and plot twists of the series in order to help keep everyone on track for the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 3.

This time we’re focusing on the connection Sora shares with others, as it’s quite a big topic in itself. How are characters such as Ventus, Roxas and Xion connected to the series protagonist and how will he be the key towards saving them, among others, in Kingdom Hearts 3? Be sure to tell us how you liked the episode in the comments below!

If you missed our last episode, which covered the concept of time travel in the series, you can watch it here.

Our next episode, available a month from now, will revolve around Xehanort and his overall ambitions throughout the games so far. It is a very important topic for us, especially since Leonard Nimoy, voice actor of Master Xehanort, passed away this morning.

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"Philippine Twin Drama Series…" 

//This is always the story when ever there’s a twin main characters…

guy loves the nice girl, evil twin girl fell in love to the guy, the nice twin will get punched by the evil twin, or the nice twin at the end of series will win…

the other guy that loves the evil twin, will get dumped.

(if want to understand the drawing translate it..)