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Waldorf-Humphrey family: If you had of asked Dan Humphrey at seventeen where he saw himself in ten years, it sure as hell wouldn’t have been raising Chuck Bass’ daughter with the queen bitch of the Upper East Side Blair Waldorf, and yet here he was. Whether or not it was selective opinion, Dan wasn’t sure,but he saw no likeness to Bass in Matilda. 
She was a mini Blair in all ways. Cute as a button, fiercely intelligent and knew just how to wrap him around her little finger. Dan was in love. It was like Milo all over again, except this was Blair’s child, it was impossible not to be as in love with her as he was with her mother. 
The one thing that set Matilda apart from her mother was how unmarred she was, by self doubt and abounding expectations, by boys who could rip your heart into tiny shreds. In the mornings when he lay in bed with Blair snuggled into his chest he traced the thin remnants of the scar on her cheek and vowed never to let anyone hurt Blair ever again, and never to let anyone hurt Matilda ever.
Chuck showed up out of the blue when Matilda was five.
“I want to see my daughter Humphrey, do you have a problem with that?”
Dan bristled but had no choice but to let him in. He called Blair and she returned home from the MET immediately. Of course Chuck didn’t give a shit about seeing Matilda (was actually, comically quite uneasy around her) it was all a thinly veiled excuse to see Blair.
“I like your bow” Matilda had commented congenially, sat across from him on the periwinkle blue sofa. “I have one like that for my hair, but it doesn’t have those pretty flowers” she added, pointing at the paisley motif.
“There uh, um not flowers” Chuck coughed.
Dan stifled a dry laugh.
“Is he my real daddy?” Matilda inquired when Blair ushered Chuck outside the loft, he wouldn’t go without speaking to Blair in private. Dan eyed the door wearily and bristled.
“No baby” he sighed, and followed Blair’s carefully thought out explanation “he’s the daddy your mom made you with, but I’m your real daddy.”
“How come Mommy has three daddy’s and I only have two” she asked disdainfully.
Dan laughed, amused by her disappointment in having only a meagre two fathers.
“Because your Mommy is so beautiful and talented and amazing and she always ate her vegetables and did her homework and did what she was told when she was told-”
Matilda poked him in the side, giddy with laughter “Liar!” she squealed “Grandma Eleanor said Mommy was the worst. Besides, you don’t know anything” she announced smartly.
“Excuse me?” Dan spoke, picking her up and plopping her onto the counter.
Matilda giggled and reached forward to fiddle with one of the buttons on his plaid shirt. 
“Mommy says…she knows everything, I know lots, and you know very little… the littlest, you know the littlest.”
All Dan can do is shake his head and smile, Typical Blair.
When Blair returns she is attempting to hold in her tears. She looks ridiculously beautiful, her lithe body swathed in a white Chloè dress, brown curls falling out of her elegant bun. 
“What did he say to you?” he asks, rushing to take her in his arms, the only thing stopping him from chasing the asshole down the stairs and taking a swing at him being the oblivious five year old on the counter. He doesn’t want her to see him like that so he holds it together.
Blair shakes her head “Just, obscenities” she glances over at Matilda “not worth repeating.”
That night they sit curled up on the classic Humphrey sofa in the Loft. It’s one of their last nights their, they are moving into a Brownstone on the Upper West side in the coming weeks.
He has Blair leaning back against his chest, head nestled in the crook of his neck.
Matilda sits on a throne of cushions in front of the television with her stuffed animals, her ornate tea set decadently arranged, serving tea in between glances at Audrey Hepburn flickering gracefully across the screen.
Dan kisses Blair’s head, smooths his hand lovingly down her slender arm, ignores the movie he has seen verging on a thousand times to instead gaze adoringly at his daughter.
Dan Humphrey didn’t know this kind of happiness was even possible. He finally has everything he has ever wanted.
Archibald family: It’s no secret that Violet is the result of Nate and Serena drunkenly hooking up one night at a charity gala event for one thing or another. They weren’t officially together but there was a reason they kept on falling back to each other. Violet was the glue that finally held them together, the anchor that finally allowed Serena to settle down.
She was a painfully perfect baby, beautiful like her mother, unavoidably lovable like her father.
Though unlike her parents, Violet showed an aptitude for academia incredibly early and was tested as having an unusually high IQ. This made for alot of relentless teasing to which Nate and Serena were slowly becoming exasperated.
Nate’s grandfather was over the moon. William Vanderbilt might finally realize his dream of having a political success in the family. He was picturing a presidential future for his poor unsuspecting first grandchild.
Violet was smart enough to achieve whatever she wanted in life. Nate and Serena just wanted her to be happy and kept staggering Upper East Side pressures to a minimum despite her above average intelligence.
Right now Violet is hoping to become a marine biologist. A very impressive dream, especially when compared to that of her best friend Matilda, who in her own words ‘just wants to sit at home and eat macaroons.’ 

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Out of the top Art Ross candidates, Jamie Benn is the only one who was not a top 10 draft pick.


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