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i found you in pieces, you’d been torn apart 
a million and one reasons to end before you start [x]

fic: the same page

Tentoo/Rose, starting out on their life together on Pete’s World.

Rose could feel the Doctor’s gaze on her, and she shifted awkwardly in her seat. The fancy black leather reclining chairs of her not-quite-dad’s luxurious zeppelin suddenly didn’t feel so comfy.

As soon as Pete had picked them up in Norway, both she and the Doctor had zonked out, exhausted, in seats either side of the aisle. Currently, Rose was stirring, but she hadn’t yet opened her eyes. She surreptitiously wiped her chin against her shoulder; unfortunately, she had a propensity for drooling when dozing, something which the Doctor had been fond of joking with her about in the past. But she wasn’t really in the mood for his teasing right now.

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"I’m 'Jingle Belle' the fairy, if you must know,” Rose informed him. Her fingertips brushed the frilled skirt of her sparkly white tutu and she waved her wand around in the air for effect. “I’m one of Santa’s most trusted helpers. I help sprinkle Christmas magic. It’s a very important job.” Her shoulders dropped as she gave up trying to impress him with her job description. “And I’m not going to walk home like this am I? I’d look a right idiot. My clothes are in my locker.”

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