Rorie Lavellan

So I drew a thing last night. It’s of Ryuichifoxe’s elf Inquisitor, Rorie Lavellan who’s just too precious, riding the bull because why not. I know that Rorie is shipped with Dorian and stuff but I honestly don’t give a damn. I drew this because I was feeling down about stuff and was all like “Damn, how in the great green fuck is Ryuichifoxe so good?” “Why is Rorie so cute?” and “I wish Ryu-senpai would notice me.” And shit to that effect, really asking life’s hard questions. So yeah. But in all seriousness Ryu is like  a HUUUGE inspiration and stuff and if you don’t follow that saint, you’ve failed as Dragon Age fans. Just let that one simmer for a bit. Yeah. It actually turned out according to plan though, that’s a plus.


There’s nothing more that Thalion loved more about his clan than the people who lived in it.

While that dork is over in the corner drooling, allow me to present some drawings done for some of my fave elven quizzies. They are all too precious. Yes, even the grumpy ones.

A tribute to all the wonderful and adorable people who have created these beautiful creatures. I wish all of you nothing but happiness and joy.  ̄∇ ̄

(I apologize if the backgrounds suck. Backgrounds will be the death of me.)

Shae Lavellan belongs to azuremosquito

Dyn Lavellan belongs to byolaeka

Leitis Lavellan belongs to latkesofaseamonster

Avan Lavellan belongs to kurgy

Rorie Lavellan belongs to ryuichifoxe


The Fade-y Bunch Part 2: Advisor and Inquisitor Edition (Part 1 is here.)

Featured are Aysunn, Freya, my Mally, Coriander, Rorie, and Lycoris.

I may be making another Inquisitor specific set in the future, so Brunetteauthorette99, I’ll keep your Lys in mind for the next grouping. :)