IDIRS ELBA: Nicolas Cage once spent the night in Dracula’s Castle. Article from 

Idris Elba’s Reddit AMA provided a few key facts about Elba’s career. He would totally play James Bond, and he loves Mary Poppins, but perhaps most importantly, it added a crucial detail to the ever-expanding web that is The Nicolas Cage Mythos. Elba talked about an odd incident that occurred while the two were shooting Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance together in Romania in 2010. 

In Elba’s own words: 

"… Nic Cage came back one day on set … and he looked a little bit tired, a little bit – kind of like he’d been up all night. So I was like, ‘Hey Nic, man, how you doing, man?’ and he said ‘I’m alright,’ and I said, ‘You seem a little spooked out,’ and he said, ‘Yeah man, I went up to Dracula’s castle … the ruins up in the mountains, and I stayed the night,’ and I said ‘What?! Why?’ and he said, ‘I just had to channel the energy, and it was pretty spooky up there.’" 

"We were shooting in Romania, Transylvania, and he just went up there to spend the night, as you do. And then he walked away. True story." 

So is Nicolas Cage really a vampire?

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Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle was laid out in 1446, when construction began at the orders of John Hunyadi(Hungarian: Hunyadi János, Romanian: Iancu or Ioan de Hunedoara) who wanted to transform the former keep built by Charles I of Hungary. The castle was originally given to John Hunyadi’s father, Voyk (Vajk), by Sigismund, king of Hungary, as severance in 1409. (Wikipedia)

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One worry thing to me that is not addressed very much in this section of the community (Westerners) is the growing problem of the gypsies in Eastern Europe. Very soon they could make up majorities in places like Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia and that is very troublesome to me. Especially since gypsies are one of the worst groups of people in the world. Once those nation states go bottom up because their gypsy population has tanked those counties just watch how fast they will come flooding into Western Europe, which is even scarier.