Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Allam, John Finnemore, Anthony Stewart Head & cast at the recording of the final Cabin Pressure episode - Zurich.

Photos of the cast are all over the net but if you wanted to avoid knowing don’t scroll down too far!

It was a wonderful final episode. Clever, witty, funny and deeply emotionally satisfying. A fitting ending to a fantastic series.

Afterwards Benedict looked close to tears as creator John Finnemore gave an emotional speech thanking those taking part who were sat behind him and have helped “makes dreams come true” for him in the last five years.

Benedict hugged John at the end of the speech and also embraced Roger Allam and Stephanie Cole as they realised they had delivered the show’s last ever lines.



Dear traveling lemons, I am so excited I got the ok to post these beautiful Cabin Pressure illustrations made by the talented Gracia via her Twitter page @Gracein140  

They are absolutely brilliant and I can’t get enough of them. You can also check her work out on her Facebook  page.

I cannot wait to see more!

Les Miz is a long show. And it was a long time between my cues. One night a couple of months into the Palace run, I got really tired of listening to the score. [..] After the barricade scene this one particular night, I went back to my dressing room, took off my wig, my costume, my microphone, and my contacts. I turned off the Tannoy (the intercom), stuck some gum in my mouth, put my glasses on, lit a cigarette, and began reading the Madonna issue of Interview magazine. I was sitting there in my long johns because it was wintertime and the Palace Theatre was freezing. Just as I began thinking, “I wonder where they are…”, Roger Allam burst open my dressing room door with his foot.
“You’re on!”
“Holy Shit!”
My wig, my costume, and I flew down three flights of stairs. By the time I hit the bottom step, I was fully dressed. (No contacts, no mike, no time). The ghost of Fantine is supposed to make an entrance in the closing minutes of the show as Jean Valjean is dying, but I had left Colm Wilkinson onstage alone, dead, sitting in a chair, head listing to the right, barely breathing - rnough to keep him alive - for sixteen bars of music.
Yeah, I royally fucked up.
—  Patti LuPone, A Memoir
But I'M the captain!
  • But I'M the captain!
  • Cabin Pressure

I have created a Martin Crieff supercut of his “But I’M the captain” moments. It is simultaneously really hilarious and really sad. But I’m still laughing. I hope you all are laughing and crying with me. At any rate, this was pretty fun to make :D 

(Just a note - doesn’t include all the times he merely introduces himself as the captain, just when he has to say it with a certain amount of insistence. Otherwise it would’ve ended up as long as an actual full-length episode.)

Watch on brolin-truelove.tumblr.com

First look: Roger Allam and Colin Morgan in Globe’s Tempest on screen (x)

Cabin Pressure - Final episode spoiler free review.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house on Sunday when Cabin Pressure recorded its final episode. Over 22,000 people applied for 200 seats and their enthusiasm and love for the show was so clear for everyone to see. No wonder John Finnemore got a bit teary eyed afterwards!

The Radio Times have suggested that the show won’t air until Christmas (which as lovely a compliment as that is for the show that it’s considered prime Christmas fare is a VERY long wait) so I’m a bit terrified of spoiling anyone but here are a few tidbits:

  • The show picks up immediately after the end of series 4 with Martin having been offered the job at Swiss Air and fibbing to the MJN Air crew that he’s waiting to hear from them.
  • Benedict’s talent for mimicry is put to good use
  • There’s a new clever word game.
  • Martin and Arthur get to show off their truly terrible grasp of accents
  • Martin and Princess Teresa continue to be the sweetest, dorkiest and most utterly unlikely pairing in the history of romance
  • You’re always playing Yellow Car
  • The relationship between Carolyn and Herc is wonderful, real and really very touching.
  • Douglas is really very very clever
  • The last line is just completely and totally perfect….

I’ve had a lot of asks about how satisfying the episode is and I thought it was a completely satisfying ending. The series has always been at its strongest when it’s dealing with the relationships between the characters. Zurich succeeds in tying up all the loose ends and giving each and every character the ending they deserve. It’s warm, funny, clever, touching and overflowing with wit. A hugely emotionally satisfying send off and one I hope we won’t have to wait to Christmas to hear!