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Oliver’s in Granger Market, Newcastle

Everything was utterly wet. The sea was wet, of course, but also the rocks were wet, the creatures on the rocks were wet, the seaweed was wet, the sand was wet, and the air was wet. There was nothing in Algy’s world that was not wet. The wind had come and gone (for the moment), and left nothing but wetness behind. It had started to rain again the moment that it stopped blowing, and it was unlikely to stop in a hurry…

But as Algy perched on the the wet, seaweedy rock, he reflected that it was a great deal better to have an abundance of water than to have too little, and he felt desperately sorry for those parts of the world which so urgently needed the water he could not send them. Algy hopes and prays that your parched lands will receive at least some of the wetness which is so plentiful here in the West Highlands of Scotland. xoxo

💙 Above The Falls by Damian McCudden on 500px
○  Canon EOS 6D-f/5-30s-16mm-iso400, 2586✱3648px-rating:98.9
☀ Photographer: Damian McCudden, Sunshine Coast, Australia


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i always have a super hard time finding active classic rock blogs and i need some to follow!!! u guys don’t have to be like based only on these bands btw

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