Your Child breaks something- 5sos preference


"Hey, mum, can I go outside?" Your son asked, staring outside the window.

"Yeah," You said, cleaning a glass," But you need to wash the car, your dad asked you to do that last week!"

He groaned, then trailed outside.

"Jason! Make sure you actually wash it this time!"

You continued to wash and tidy up.

You heard the car alarm go off.

"Jason?!" You asked, running into the garage.

Jason was sat on a step, bewildered.

"I-I was looking for the cleaning thi-things and the-they wah- were b-behind D-dad’s d-drums and n-n-ow.." He pointed to the drums.

They had fallen apart, and one had landed on the car, denting it.

You smiled at your son.

"Hey, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure Dad’s drums were a bit raggedy anyway. Now, go upstairs, wash your face and go outside, how about that?"

Jason hugged you and kissed your cheek.

"Thanks Mum!"

After Jason had gone, Ashton came back.

You’d texted him what happened, and Ashton was gonna get some Pizza on the way home, to prove that Jason was alright.

Finally, Jason came inside the house.

"Dad? I’m really sorry.."

Ashton grinned.

"Hey, it doesn’t matter, I brought pizza! Those drums were getting old, anyway."

Jason ran into Ashton’s arms.

"I love you, Dad."


Calum had gone on tour, leaving you behind with his best bass. The twins loved music, and loved touching the bass all the time.

Quite often, you’d tell them to stop, as they were only 5 and might break them.

But, they’d ignore you and continue touching it in awe.

Calum was coming home in a few days.

However, you were gonna leave the twins with a friend, as you wanted to go see him before he came back, if that makes sense ;).

You packed the twins bag. Red for Marcus, because he loved red.

And sky blue for Marcia, because she loved blue.

You were about to slip on these daps, before a crash came from the living room.


They were stood, looking guilty.

"Marcia, what happened?"

Marcus glared at his twin with the puppy dog eyes like Calum.

"We broke it!" She wailed, running towards you and hugging your legs.

"Wait here, Marcia, as I get the door."

There stood Calum!

"Hey Babe!" He exclaimed, kissing you.

You stood stiff.

"Hey babe, um when did you get back?"

He grinned, but then ran into the living room towards the children.

"Daddy, we’re so sorry."

Calum groaned and tried his hardest not to shout at them.

He turned around and left.

You stared at the twins, who were shocked at what their dad just did.

"C’mon, twins, we’re going to the music shop."

You grabbed their hands and strapped there seatbelts.

You bought a bass, shiny and expensive but it was personalised, with a picture of all of you guys together, and the twins hand prints.

The shopkeeper put a silver bow around it, and handed it over.

You waited for Calum to get home as the bass was in the corner.

He came back eventually.

"Y/N? Twins?" He grabbed the bass and started welling up.

He grabbed the twins and picked them up in his arms.

"This is the best present, ever!"


"Hey Mum, is it alright if I go out tonight?" Your daughter said, putting a lock of her straight blonde locks behind her ear.

"No, Melissa. We’re going to your brothers award ceramony tonight, the football one."

She groaned.

"Can I go without today?"

You put down the pot.

"No, Melissa, I said no. Now, go to your room, and put on the sparkly dress Gran bought you for Christmas!"

She stormed upstairs.

She’s only 13.

"I hate you!" She yelled, slamming her door.

She slammed something else.

"Ezra, please tell your sister not to slam doors in this household."

He ran upstairs.

"Muuuuuuuuuuum?" He asked, standing on the stairs.

"I think.. I know Daddy’s guitar’s broken.."

You ran towards him.


She strolled out, wearing the blue sparkly sequin dress you told her to put on.


She looked down.

"I did that?" 

You nodded, clearly angry.

Then, Luke came in.

"Oh my god, this new guitar, Y/N, I gotta show you it! Hey, Mel, did you get rid of my old guitar yet? I thought I left you a note, but I cannot remember?"


He’d dressed your little girl in a leather jacket, red doc. martens, a black nirvana top and some red jeans.

"We’re ready to go!" He said, directing the camera.

She posed, even pouting her tiny lips.

She brushed her springy black curl out the way, and posed again.

Note she was only four.

"Now, grab my guitar like this." He said, motioning the air guitar.

She clasped it tightly.

"Now, try and slam it, but not hard."

She did it a bit rough, then stood on it.

"Is this right, Daddy?"

You picked her up and kicked the guitar to Michael.

"That didn’t look safe." 

Michael groaned, looking at the state of the guitar.

"It’s not even playable!" He stared at Janae oddly.

"It’s all her fault." He spat, pointing at Janae.

"Hold up, you wanted her to do this dumb photoshoot."

Janae started crying.

"I’m sorry daddy.. you hate me now."

Michael snapped back into reality.

"I’m sorry baby." He said, taking her in his arms.

"I was just crazy." 

She giggled.

"Crazy daddy!"

He spun her around and she giggled madly.

IMAGINE:The boys telling you that Luke likes you.

"He’s always chatting about you, Y/N, isn’t that right boys?" Ashton said, looking at the fellow boys sat in the chair.

"Yeah, it’s annoying." replied Calum, as Michael agreed.

Then Luke walked in.