Currently Book 1, Finished CH 45

Hey guys! I wasn’t able to read any yesterday, which made me quite sad. I did do some reading today and got through 3 chapters. Which isn’t as much as I would like, but I have to make due with the moments that I don’t have any distractions. I want to be completely honest with you guys, because (A) I don’t have any reason to lie seeing as this is relatively anonymous and you guys have no way of coming to my house with pitchforks raised and (B) It annoys me just as much as it might annoy you all. Anyway, yesterday I was browsing the web during my downtime and I accidentally came across some spoilers. I don’t know how major they are, but they mean almost nothing to me now. Apparently Thom isn’t dead after all. But I knew in my heart, that that was so. I need to stay away from the internet, because I’ve spoiled extremely important events in other stories for myself as well (Game of Thrones, for example)

Anyway, now that the dirty is out in the open, we can get down to business. Let’s start with Chapter 43:

  • The Ways were still ominous, even after finishing 45, they’re still ominous. They don’t make much sense.
  • I find myself no longer caring about the ruby dagger as much as Rand does. I’m far too trusting of Moiraine, I think.
  • I keep hearing mention of these different colored Ajah. Like Blue, Red, and Black, but it means nothing to me except that Moiraine is Blue, so Blue must be good. Red is scary and possibly evil, and Black is evil and not to be talked about. How many colors of the rainbow?!
  • I’m intrigued about Perrin, because as much as I enjoy my epic fantasy stories being a little atypical, I wouldn’t suspected this type of story to incorporate werewolves? I don’t know if Perrin can transform or not (most likely not), but I want another perspective chapter so I can see what’s going on with him. I like him, too. Of the three main male protagonists, I feel the most connected to that big guy.
  • I still hate hate hate those dreams. They make me feel so uneasy. Again, though, I’m more worried about Trollocs and Red Ajah than I am about Ba’alzamon.

So my last post a post before I mentioned Lan being a warden, but he is a warder, woops. I’ve been playing Dragon Age lately and I blame it completely on that. That being said, a warder would be one that wards, the verb, while a warden would be something else… One who fights the blight I suppose.

  • Not much happened in chapter 44, nothing of note, really. But Moiraine just knows everything, doesn’t she? I would think these Waygates, which are ridiculously old, would just be locked better. Not to Moiraine, though, she just opens EVERYthing. Nothing gets in her way. Ever!

Now Chapter 45 is where things got interesting, of course, the entire book is interesting, but who doesn’t enjoy some supernatural wind thing trying to kill the main characters?

  • I’m trying to imagine this hulking 9 or 10 foot dude sitting on a huge horse, and I just can’t. The image is just so ridiculous in my mind!
  • Also, of course Thom isn’t dead! I read a spoiler already! That being said, it’s nice to hear.
  • Egwene has no reason to so jealous of Rand, he’d barely talked to those girls. The dynamics between men and women in this world is very queer. I’ll think more on that later.
  • I suppose Trollocs using the ways to sneak around silently makes tons of sense. How else would huge armies of monstrous beings get without cities being locked down and everyone running and hiding in fear?
  • Moiraine is a badass. Burning through Waygates like butter. Haha

So I’m gonna try and stay away from the internet forever now. Maybe that will keep the spoilers away for longer, hopefully. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, though, right? Hahaha I love this book!

Maybe I’ll be finished by Christmas? Maybe! I’m such a slow reader. x_x




Contemporary Art Week!

Seamus Gallagher

Wheel of Time Official and Unofficial Art

I think a lot of fans of Epic or High Fantasy tend to have a series that’s “their” series…the one the ends up setting the bar for the rest of their fandom adventures. For me, it was always Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. I read the first book, The Eye of the World, sometime in 1991 and that was pretty much it for me. 

Although it has plenty of flaws, it stands apart from a  lot of medieval fantasy settings in that it’s a loosely medieval-ish world, not an endless Europe that goes on and on for thousands of miles. There are very specific nations and cultures at work in the main setting continent (as well as the “other” continent), and there are also in-universe races and cultures associated with nations, with aspects of various  historical world fashions, social mores, myths, and even bric-a-brac chosen from a world setting, rather than creating a dichotomy of red-haired white people versus blonde-haired white people and other common fantasy tropes.

Although many of the characters can be read ambiguously in regard to appearance, Gallagher’s character designs are among my favorites, and generally faithful to the text descriptions.

soooo is there a fandom out there for Wheel of Time or is it just a lonely few

i’m only 5 chapters into The Great Hunt but I’m in love already and just UGH i need people to talk about it with