The Forsaken. A basic summary:

Aginor: Mad scientist. Never found his Igor

Demandred: Silver medalist

Sammael: Grumpy hobbit

Rahvin: Super creepy serial rapist. His friends call him “Roofie” Or they would if he had any friends. But he doesn’t because as mentioned he is a super creepy serial rapist

Lanfear: According to historians brand new stalker laws were created just for her in the Age of Legends. REALLY hates blondes

Graendal: Girl just wants to have fun… your expense

Balthamel: There are rumors that he was a professional twice over - an analyst and a therapist. The world’s first “analrapist”

Semirhage:…..wonderful woman. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about her. I am not terrified of her at all

Be’lal: Be’lal…..we hardly knew ye

Messana: Nerd who got picked on by other nerds until she flew into a nerdrage and joined Satan

Moghedien: the red shirt who somehow keeps surviving

Asmodean: That was actually a huge mistake. He didn’t really mean to join the Shadow  but he was too embarrassed to admit that he couldn’t tell the difference between the incarnation of chaos and evil and a music producer so he just went along with it

Ishamael: That emo kid who decided to destroy the entire world because he never learned to have fun and chill

15 - Stronger Than Written Law

holy shit it’s egwene haven’t heard from her in a while!

I hate reading about her dreams. they are so fuckin scary. 
“lately all her dreams of mat were pale and full of pain, almost as though mat himself were not quite real” SHIT WHAT’S GOING ON WITH MY BABY
perrin and aram will be fine with the brambles and the cliff and we already know about rand and the masks he dons for everyone… 

lol. halima has moved IN? no wonder the headaches are a permanent attachment. why doesn’t egwene have foretelling dreams about her? that’s a bit mean of you, dreamskill. take care of your owner. 

awh. bai bryne. 
WELLP. from sweltering heat last book to freezing cold in this one. nature must be very upset with all this flip-flopping.


Contemporary Art Week!

Seamus Gallagher

Wheel of Time Official and Unofficial Art

I think a lot of fans of Epic or High Fantasy tend to have a series that’s “their” series…the one the ends up setting the bar for the rest of their fandom adventures. For me, it was always Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. I read the first book, The Eye of the World, sometime in 1991 and that was pretty much it for me. 

Although it has plenty of flaws, it stands apart from a  lot of medieval fantasy settings in that it’s a loosely medieval-ish world, not an endless Europe that goes on and on for thousands of miles. There are very specific nations and cultures at work in the main setting continent (as well as the “other” continent), and there are also in-universe races and cultures associated with nations, with aspects of various  historical world fashions, social mores, myths, and even bric-a-brac chosen from a world setting, rather than creating a dichotomy of red-haired white people versus blonde-haired white people and other common fantasy tropes.

Although many of the characters can be read ambiguously in regard to appearance, Gallagher’s character designs are among my favorites, and generally faithful to the text descriptions.