Robert Downey Jr

In Civil War we’re going to get to see:

  • The Russo brothers’ version aka the best version of characters we love like Cap and Natasha
  • The Russo brothers’ characterization for the first time of other characters we love like Clint Barton and Tony Stark
  • Black Panther
  • Steve at Peggy’s funeral
  • Steve and Tony recruiting people to be on their side
  • Steve and Tony actually fighting each other aka an actual payoff of all the arguments they’ve had in the other Avengers movies
  • Wanda getting over the loss of her brother
  • Wanda learning how much power she has and how to control it
  • Steve and Sam’s bromance
  • Steve/Bucky reunion
  • Steve fighting to keep Bucky safe and get him back
  • Clint and Natasha having to decide if they’re sticking together or leaving each other to go on different sides
  • Vision
  • Steve and Natasha co-leading the new Avengers team

In other words just arrange my funeral now.