B1A4 Road Trip: The Road To B1A4 (or more like, the things i regret that i should've done)

myfirstsnow gave me an idea to do this post. So, thank you! :))

Okay, B1A4 is the second kpop concert I went to. (1st is 2NE1!!! Hi Blackjacks!) I think, I am not in the right place to post this one but I would want to help. I started liking kpop (if you’re an my old follower, you would know when) October 2013 (OHHH! My anniversary’s getting near) but I’ve been to a lot of concerts and music festivals (but kpop concert is way different from what I’ve been to before).

The Road To B1A4 will start here:

1. GIFTS. myfirstsnow asked if she can bring gifts, i will answer her question first. YES and NO!!! (I REALLY REGRET NOT GIVING THEM GIFTS!!!) The reason why i didn’t bring gifts for them is that the organizers told us that we were not allowed to give presents to them on the hi-touch event but they will set-up a box for the fans to put their presents for them. (I was too greedy that I want to see if they really got my presents, that’s why i decided not to give them gifts) I just knew that every single gift that were given to them on their concert here were given to them and they all took it home. TIP: You can give them presents but not on the actual hi-touch event. Communicate with your country’s fanbase and ask if there’ll be a box or something for you to put your gifts for them. PS. Gongchan always wears fans’ gifts for him.

2.  CAMERA. You only have 2 choices: (1) bring your DSLR, take a lot of pretty photos, upload pretty photos (not like me, struggling on how to save my photos that i took using my phone), pretty fancams; or (2) ENJOY THE FREAKING CONCERT (and I chose this over the other because, I don’t care how many followers i would gain for uploading pretty photos as long as i danced, sang, and jumped during the concert). 

3. NEVER FORGET THAT THEY TOO HAVE PRIVATE LIVES. Yes, you want to follow oppa everywhere because this will only be the time you can experience being a sasaeng fan to oppa. BUT I SAY NO! My friends and I planned to be a 3-day sasaeng fan for them but God made a way for us not to push through to every single plan we had. LOL. We planned to go to the airport (we had class, failed), we planned to go to their hotel (it’s too late and we’re still students, failed), we planned to go to that restaurant they will celebrate Baro’s birthday (we reserved for our table already, the management called us that we can’t go because there will be an event during the time B1A4 will be there, failed), we planned to wait at their hotel instead after their concert (we were so dead tired after the concert, failed), and we planned to send them off at the airport (their flight was at noon so for dead tired people that’ll be so early to wake up to, failed). HAHA. 

4. NEVER HARASS THEM. You just don’t know how B1A4 doesn’t like being harassed. Give them space. If you want to hold them during concert, don’t just touch them like they don’t get hurt. Caress them. LOL. (I did this, like I caressed everyone’s muscles during the concert HAHA but don’t do it in a molest-ish way)

5. FANCHANT. Even if you don’t know their fanchants by heart, please do learn some. Like for What’s Happening, Lonely, Solo Day. They really love it when they hear their international fans fanchanting to their songs. During their concert here and when everyone was fanchanting to their songs, every one of them are smiling. You just don’t know how that feels for us fans seeing them happy because of us.

6. FANSITES. If you want some photocards, banners, or any freebies that the fansite noonas will give then here you go. :)) There were a lot of fansites who came to the concert here in Manila. Especially Baro’s cause it was his birthday. But I don’t know who will go to the concert you’ll go to. So, just look at their twitter and see if they’ll go. :)) FANSITE LIST This is the list of all B1A4’s fansites. I’m gonna specify those fansites who go to concerts this world tour. GOMCNU, Deulleim, 4Memory (she’s nice really, and she’s so pretty), 19911118, RomanceBaro, chansika (as far as i remember, these are the fansites. they’ll probably go to the concert you’ll attend)

7. ENJOY. Never forget to take care of your vocal chords before going to their concert. You can destroy your vocal cords during the concert but be respectful to the people around you (but all of you are BANAs, so… no worries. HAHA)

I know i might missed some good points. Please ask me anything you want to clarify about the concert and other details. HAVE FUN ON THEIR CONCERT!!! LET’S FLY!!! <3