Ripon College Admission

     This upcoming fall we have students coming to Ripon from all over the country. Our “Admitted Student of the Week,” Sierra Landholm, might be making one of the longest journeys. “I think the biggest challenge [of college] is going to be living so far away from my family and friends because I’ve lived in Fife, Washington my entire life,” said Sierra, “I am looking forward to meeting new people and making those new connections.” Some of those new connections will surely come from her future participation on the swim team!  “I’m really looking forward to swimming for Ripon! Coach Wahle has been very helpful and I think it’s going to be a great season!” Now, Sierra has a very interesting life story. She was adopted as an infant from South Korea, and she was born missing her right leg. Sierra began swimming in school and in 2012 she participated in the 2012 Paralympic Swimming Trials in Bismarck, North Dakota. “I took first place in the 1500m freestyle, 7th in the 400m freestyle, and 8th in the 100 backstroke,” said Sierra. Sierra was also named the Tacoma Athlete Commission Athlete of the Year for her school and the 2012 Swimming State Disability Champion in the 50 yd freestyle and backstroke.

      When she’s not at swim practice, she can be found body boarding in the Pacific Ocean, working at a movie theater, being involved in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), and spending time with her family.  Academically, Sierra is interested in Politics and Government. “My favorite class is AP US Government because it’s challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun,” said Sierra. “I love learning about my country and how it works, and it’s what I plan on majoring in!” Now while she loves America and traditional American dishes like Biscuits and Gravy (her favorite food!), Sierra also has some travel plans in her future.  She wants to visit, “South Africa or Paris. South Africa because I want to experience the culture, and Paris because what girl doesn’t want to go to Paris one day?” Maybe in her travels she’ll stumble upon the “Bridge to Terabithia” (which is her favorite movie). Either way, we’re excited for her to travel to Ripon this fall to begin her career as a Ripon College Red Hawk! Congratulations on being selected as our “Admitted Student of the Week” Sierra! 

Accepted Student Days is coming!


    On Monday March 25th, Friday April 5th, and Friday April 12th, the Ripon College Office of Admission is proud to welcome our Accepted Students to campus for our special Accepted Student Days events. These events are tailored toward students who’ve already been accepted as a future member of the Class of 2017. We’ll be featuring events such as Academic Roundtables where students can talk with Professors about their field of study. We’ll have panels and speakers talking about activities on campus, a campus scavenger hunt, and an address by President Messitte. We’ll also have special presentations for parents about Financial Aid and Parent Involvement on campus.

Are you from the Chicagoland or Minneapolis area? Bus transportation is available for students and their parents or guardians for the Monday, March 25 event. The College will provide a charter bus to Ripon from designated locations on Sunday, March 24; returning the evening of Monday, March 25.

Students will be paired with a current student and spend the night prior to the event in a campus residence hall room. Parents or guardians may be eligible to receive lodging assistance on the night prior to the event based on need and availability. Meals on campus will be provided during the visit. Space is limited and reservations must be made by Friday, March 15.

We also have a special program for students who plan to fly in for an Accepted Student Day event. Please note that flights and lodging arrangements must be made by Friday, March 1.

If you’d like to register for one of these events, go online to:

Or call: 1-800-947-4766

Intern Blog: Jorge Zamora

     This semester has been one filled with a lot of transitions for me, and I have decided to make a lot of changes in my life.  As a sophomore in my second semester I am choosing what I will be doing for the rest of my life.  I am going to Washington D.C this spring break for a Career Discovery Tour and my plans are to expand my networking pool and get contacts for next semester.  Next semester I plan on going to D.C. to study off-campus, where I will be focusing in education policy and education reform.

     Over the semester I have learned many things that are very valuable to me but also many of my peers.  I recently went to the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute Conference in Chicago, IL and learned to become a better leader and also learned strategies to reflect on myself.  Of course, there are many things that are still to be learned as a student as I go through the rest of my years at Ripon. There are many reasons that I am thankful for Ripon College; students here have many different opportunities that allow them to build their network and help them reach their goals.  One recent experience I had at Ripon College was the opportunity to network with the Board of Trustees members.  As I mentioned, I have also have gotten the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. for spring break, so there has been no shortage of great experiences here for me at Ripon so far.

    If you’re ever looking for our Admitted Student of the Week, Laurissa Johnson, it’s a good bet you’ll find her near Storzer. Laurissa, a future Red Hawk, will be joining the women’s basketball team at Ripon College and are we lucky to have her! Laurissa played at Little Chute High School where they were the Conference Champions this last season.

    While she’s not 100% sure what she wants to study yet, she has some ideas. “I am currently undecided, but I would like to do something with math or science,” says Laurissa. Her favorite classes in high school were Anatomy and Physiology. She is also interested in taking some music courses or being in choir as well. As for future career aspirations, Laurissa is interested in becoming a Forensic Identification Specialist (definitely going to need some science courses for that!).

   Laurissa is excited to make new friends and having college help her figure out her life after Ripon. She heard about Ripon from a friend who liked it. “I really like the close community and how much everyone is involved in the school,” says Laurissa. For a future roommate, Laurissa is looking for some with common interests and someone who can be  a good friend to go to when she needs help. Speaking of interests, Laurissa isn’t too picky! She likes any type of music and has too many favorite books and movies to decide from.  It is important to know though that her favorite food is sauerkraut. 

     Congratulations on being our Admitted Student of the Week Laurissa! We’re so happy to have you (and your basketball skills) joining us as a Ripon College Red Hawk as a member of our Class of 2019. If you’d like to get to know Laurissa, join us on our Ripon College Class of 2019 Facebook page and start up a conversation! We’ll start a new Admitted Student of the Week contest next Monday so join us online!