Hello friends! 

I’m in a bit of a bind (and a lot of pain!) and could use some help! It turns out i need some dental work done that’s gonna run me about $2,000. SO i’m going to be selling prints for the first time ever to try and raise some funds! 

The photos will be 8 x 10 and will come with a little hand written personalized message with each order thanking you for your help in keeping my smile pretty! (i’ll check out your tumblrs to personalize em real good like!)

I’m asking for $20 for one and $13 for each one after the first (shipping included). 

Message me privately with which number (numbers) you’d want. eventually i’m going to probably put up an etsy or bigcartel but for now, just message me privately so i can get a rough idea how many images to print. ALSO if there are any favorites images of me you like and would want that aren’t here just let me know which and i may be able to make specialized orders for some! 

If you can’t buy, i understand, but sharing the post would help me tons! 

Thanks so much guys!