"We tackle the world together. It’s what we do. The shadows of the past will always influence another’s perspective of who we are and what we represent. But, make no mistake about it. Jule and I are a team. We train together, we fight together, we work together, and we build together. She is my shield and I will always be her sword. Class? You don’t need to be sophisticated to wield a sword. You don’t have to be classy to throw an elbow. You don’t have to be noble to breathe. You just have to have the ambition to survive. If you’ve got to fight for every inch of your life than you better make sure that the person looking down upon you sees every bit of that drive and determination echoing within your eyes. A man who tells me give them respect better earn it just like I had to earn my right to draw air. The man that tells me to trust better recognize that my heart existed long before they showed up. The man that tells me to bow should understand that as long as I can move… I will refuse. I am a proud Sin’dorei and I won’t back down from anyone or anything. Tenacity fuels my will, ferocity drives my blade, and my Dame protects my heart. I was once a legion of one. Now, I am an army of two. These children that expect to play with high stakes should understand the high risks involved. You don’t spit in a Lion’s eye and expect to walk away without missing a few limbs."

— Thoughts of Revarik.

 ( damejule. )