BREAKING NEWS: Local man points out that a lot of people wear black clothes. Is this a harmless coincidence, or sinister conspiracy led by retailers looking to maximize profit margins and INFECT THE NATION WITH A DISEASE?

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Retail space with interactive exhibits

The Xerox Knowledge Sharing Centre was developed by IDEO’s environments and interaction design groups to showcase Xerox products and service offerings. It marks the first time that Xerox has a showroom on the ground floor accessible to the public, and its location at Park Avenue and 47th Street situates Xerox in a highly visible environment in which the brand can be promoted.

The space had to accommodate a range of visitor types and a variety of selling styles among a diverse sales staff. Consistent customer journey scenarios were developed which would leave the visitors with an understanding of the complexity of managing documents. Interactive exhibits serve to teach the unguided visitor about the history and future of documents as well as highlighting current Xerox development efforts. Demonstration rooms support the sales process through a range of sales tools, and briefing rooms provide space for large-scale presentations. The result is a dynamic, vibrant environment that supports a consistent brand message.

Project date: 1998


I thought it would be wise to give you an introduction as to who I am and what I wish to promote, if the name doesn’t give that away.

I’m a town planner by trade, a conservationist by heart and a resident of London.

I have always been intrigued by historic retail centres; their origin, their traders, their architecture, but especially the individual shop units and frontages.

The past few decades have not been kind to many of the well detailed and well proportioned, particularly Victorian, shopfronts of our town centres. This is no more obvious than in parts of London, where many traces of the past have been, and are being, permanently covered up, damaged or removed by cheap and brash alternative designs and materials. This is a problem that is as evident in supposedly protected conservation areas as much as it is in historically non-designated locations.

Many would consider this desire to protect, preserve and enhance the historic shopfronts that remain to be a somewhat nostalgic view, and to a certain degree perhaps it is. However, I believe that in doing so the places we live, work and play can be more readily sustained and enjoyed for present and future users/occupiers.

Sometimes the owners of buildings do not realise the importance or historic interest of their shops and there is a need, I believe, to encourage owners and shop keepers to stop and look at their property before calling in the shop fitters and for users of these places to do the same.

When it comes to clean and sophisticated design, few American brands do it better than Theory. Normcore this is not – instead, the label has a luxe minimal aesthetic that’s not unlike the hypothetical equivalent to Phoebe Philo’s womenswear line at Céline.

The brand’s knack for crafting unfussy essentials was underscored in its fifteen-piececollaboration with online luxury retailer Mr Porter. Centring on modern clean-cut classics, it included everything from a monochromatic field jacket and crisp white poplin shirt to a rich brown cashmere sweater and the daddy of contemporary minimalism: the camel wool overcoat.

Almost twenty years old, Theory never sits on its (perfectly preened) laurels – an activewear line was introduced last year in the form of Theory+, which offers fans of the brand a selection of modern, innovative pieces that will take them from a morning jog to a casual evening catch-up.

Pop into the Marylebone store in London or high-end department stores like Harrods, Selfridges and Liberty to check out the latest wares. US residents can also shop online

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is a waterside building located on six hectares of waterfront land alongside Marina Bay near the mouth of theSingapore River, purpose-built to be the centre for performing arts for the island nation of Singapore. Taking its name from the nearby Esplanade, it contains a concert hall which seats about 1,600 and a theatre with a capacity of about 2,000 for the performing arts.

The library@esplanade is located on the third floor of the building. There are outdoor performing centres, and retail and food space at the Esplanade Mall. There is an outdoor open space on the fourth floor of the building, which is the highest point open to the public.

As one of the world’s busiest arts centres, Esplanade offers a wide range of programmes. In addition to Esplanade Presents performances, other offerings by diverse presenters complement the programmes at the centre.

Esplanade’s programmes are broadly organised around key areas – the community and access programmes form the foundation of activities at the centre, collaborations with mainly local arts groups help develop the industry, while leading international productions aim to offer innovative programmes in the major arts genres. These programmes are presented in different festivals and series designed to appeal to a broad range of audiences.

Esplanade’s in-house programming team presents over 14 festivals and 20 on-going series throughout the year. As a centre for everyone, the programmes range from PLAYtime! for 2 to 4-year olds, Bitesize – a monthly talk and workshop taster series for a range of Arts topics, to at the Concourse – a non-ticketed music series that runs everyday of the year, as well as Coffee Morning Afternoon Tea – concerts featuring nostalgic English and Chinese golden hits by veteran local artists.

History The Esplanade occupies the site of the former “Satay Club”, a popular food haunt for Singaporeans which had been discontinued prior to the Esplanade’s construction. Currently, the “Satay Club” has been re-allocated next to Sembawang Shopping Center which is now rebuilt on the same piece of land.[1][2]


Critics also accused that the design is insensitive to Singapore’s location and climate as it would have created a greenhouse in the tropical climate of Singapore, but according to DPA director Vikas Gore some form of shading was always intended,[5] and a cladding of aluminium sunshades was added to the final design. The unique architectural design has been said to have an appearance similar to either a durian (a tropical fruit) or the eyes of a fly. Hence, the building is colloquially known to locals as "the durians".[6]

Performance venues

The Esplanade contains world-class performing spaces, coupled with a wide range of professional support services and facilities. Other than performing venues, the Esplanade also contains meeting venues, as well as other lifestyle and arts related services. The main highlights of the Esplanade – the concert hall and theatre, are connected to the main concourse via a foyer, while the Esplanade Mall is accessible through an entry point located between these 2 halls.

  • Concert Hall

Foyer to the concert hall

The concert hall serves as a venue for concerts, recitals, and other performances. There are only five other halls in the world with such state-of-the-art acoustics.

The orchestral platform is able to hold up to 120 musicians.

The concert hall’s pipe organ comprises 4740 pipes and 61 stops. It was custom designed and built by Johannes Klais Orgelbau.

The Concert Hall is able to comfortably seat about 1,600 people over four levels in an intimate setting. Types of seats include Stalls, Foyer stalls, and Circles 1, 2, and 3. There are another 200 seats in the choir stalls behind the concert hall stage, which may be converted into Gallery seats for an additional 200 people.

  • Theatre

The Esplanade’s Theatre which has a capacity of about 2,000 seats is a form of an adaptation of the horseshoe form of a traditional European opera house.

  • Recital Studio

The fan-shaped Recital Studio is able to contain 245 people and is a good venue for small scale and intimate chamber musical performances, as well as presentations and meetings.

  • Theatre Studio

The Theatre Studio, with a capacity of up to 220, is a small setting for experimental theatre and dance presentations.

  • library@esplanade


The library@esplanade, located on the third floor, is Singapore’s first public library devoted to the performing arts.

In the relatively short time that The Esplanade has been open it has played host to a wealth of big name acts and performances, including the Queen musical We Will Rock You, Avenue Q and the defunct Mosaic Music Festival.[8] It has also championed locally-based acts.

In order to develop and push the project forward I felt it was key to look at walsall’s area action plan to get a good idea of the councils asperations for the local area.

The area action plan outlines ten objectives in which it hopes to acheive by 2026 these are:

1. Establish and allocate a series of high quality, ambitious and deliverable proposals for Walsall Town Centre that will enable Walsall to maximise its economic potential creating a thriving and prosperous centre that creates job opportunities for the residents of the Borough,

2. Enhance and maximise Walsall’s competitiveness for investment, both in its role as a sub-regional centre and in respect of competing with out-of-centre
3. Increase the choice, quality and diversity of the town centre retail offer in order to meet the needs of all sectors of the population.  To secure a mix of occupiers in the town centre through the provision of units of sufficient size and quality in suitable locations to meet the requirements of modern retailers,

4. Diversify and strengthen the economic base, promote new ways of working and  deliver  a  strong  office  market  that  provides  high  standard  office accommodation in suitable locations to meet the needs of existing businesses and  to  attract  new  businesses to  the  area,  accompanied by  training  and conference facilities,

5. Strengthen the current cultural offer through increasing the mix of uses within the town centre such as a cinema, performance venues and community facilities (e.g. weddings and banqueting facilities), complemented by leisure uses such as restaurants, cafes and bars in order to provide an attractive centre for visitors both day and night

6.  Support  businesses  to  increase  employment  opportunities,  skills  and aspirations through high quality jobs in a variety of sectors, supported by
good links with education and training providers in the town centre,

7.  Improve  accessibility  to  and  within  the  centre  for  all  sectors  of  the

community,  through  the  provision  of  integrated  transport  and  enhanced cycling and pedestrian links,

8. Protect areas and buildings of historical importance while delivering high quality sustainable  design  that  is  well  integrated  and  encourages  greater activity  in  the  town  centre  with  innovative  and  high  quality  design  and architecture at the core,

9.  Promote  the  sustainability  of  the  centre  by  delivering  environmental infrastructure and improvements that will deliver a range of benefits,

10. Transform the experience and perception of Walsall town centre for those who shop, work, visit, invest and live in Walsall through measures such as improved public realm, civic spaces, quality of place, pedestrian access and security alongside the  active promotion of  the  centre and organisation of
community events.

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what do you mean about the type of work/season you move in? did you go on any sites to help you find a place to live/work? :)

Like retail, waitressing, call centre and stuff.
I know in my job we only hire during the seasons summer and when school starts.
So it depends on what season you are thinking of coming.

I also just went online to the stores I wanted to work at because they were mostly all apply online.

Apartment wise, we just googled like furnished places haha
I think we used the site called rent it furnished?

Commerce sur mobiles: le marché devrait doubler en 2015 en France
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Le marché des achats sur mobiles devrait doubler en France en 2015, même si la plupart des ventes en ligne se font encore sur ordinateur et que l’Hexagone est encore loin de ses voisins européens, indique une étude du Centre for Retail Research/RetailMeNot. A la fin de l’année, les dépenses sur mobile …

Nostromo | Agence de communication's insight:

Le commerce sur mobile se développe à très grande vitesse, comment accompagner cet essor avec la communication adéquate?

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A Checklist of Critical Questions to Ask in Shopping Center Management

A Checklist of Critical Questions to Ask in Shopping Center Management

The process of retail shopping centre management is quite specific and more intense when compared to that of office or industrial property management.  The management of a retail shopping centre is a detailed and systemised process of property performance balanced against the attributes of the property.  There are unique categories of property performance to address including tenant interaction,…

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UK firm plans huge Costa del Sol shopping centre

A BRITISH development firm plans to open a huge shopping and leisure complex near Torremolinos (Málaga province) within the next three years.
Intu Properties has already bought the Puerto Venecia complex in Zaragoza, said to be the largest shopping centre in Europe since its opening in October 2012 and home to everything from El Corte Inglés department store through to Ikea, Zara, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon, Media Markt and Apple Store, as well as the mammoth Parque Principado retail centre in Lugones, Asturias.
Both acquisitions were made last year at a cost of €613 million, as part of Intu’s plans to dominate the shopping centre circuit in Spain through a total investment of €2.5 billion.
The group’s next major operation is focused on the Costa del Sol, and will involve the €41m purchase of land near Torremolinos from its current owner, Peel Group.
If Intu is able to close the deal in the next few weeks, work will start imminently and the shopping centre could be open by as early as summer 2018.
The total investment by the UK-based company is said to be in region of €250m.
Robert McAngus