Hello, world! Spring break just started in Paris, finally having time for myself and it feels fantastic.

I have two weeks ahead of me. My spring challenge: work on 7 different habits, including ‘drink more water’, 'always take the stairs’, 'no electronics 30min before sleep’ … 

Wrote them down on a tiny piece of paper, which I stuck on the back of my transparent phone case. Ultimately, i’ll get a friendly reminder every time I use my phone. (I know, genius). So, no excuses this time, we’ll see how it goes!

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Being only two weeks into the New Year, the window of opportunity is still open for those who want to set new goals. Actually, the window never really closes because anytime is the right time to conjure up new aspirations and strive towards improvement. To help spur new ideas for personal optimization, here are fifteen 30-day challenges designed to help make you a better You…



Résolution n°1 : Faire plus attention à ce que je mange

Je voulais du caviar, pétasse.


Résolution n°2 : Arrêter de fumer

Je me mets à la coke à la place.


Résolution n°3 : Être plus gentil avec les autres

Cher humain, aurais-tu l'amabilité d'aller te faire foutre ?


Résolution n°4 : Enfin trouver le véritable amour

Ého toi le boudin là ! Tu veux aller boire un coup ?


Résolution n°5 : Apprendre une nouvelle langue



Résolution n°6 : Faire plus de sport

Comment ça, “la sieste compte pas” ?


Résolution n°7 : Protéger l'environnement

C'est du recyclé.


Résolution n°8 : Conquérir le monde

Crains ma colère, espèce humaine.

I always have the best intentions when it comes to crafting and channeling my creativity. Every year, I try to do something new. Last thing was a hexagon quilt as part of an outside my comfort zone fabric exchange. I was only able to finish it after the year with the help from my sister. I also did more sewing creating with Vic’s Luigi Cat costume, which was stressful.

This year, my goal was to make a temperature scarf, where you knit a line (or two if you’re ambitious - ha!) selecting the colour based on temperature range. I’m ready to go! I have the ranges firmed up (for my area), yarn purchased, and numbers recorded daily… I just haven’t found my needles yet. I’m hoping to cast on before the end of the year, after I look up a YouTube how to.

How’s your crafting going? How to you motivate yourself to get it done? Share with us this and all your adult crafting and creating stories via ask, submission, or using #guladultcraft. Happy crafting!

- Cheryl (mrstu)

(the range starts at 14 Fahrenheit for black and 73.4 Fahrenheit for red, using daytime highs. It does much colder but we’re not factoring in windchill)

résolutions tardives

j'ai décidé de prendre de bonnes résolutions pour cet été. oui je suis souvent en retard dans ce que j'entreprends… l'inspiration ne venant pas à moi, je vais donc l'attraper moi-même.
je veux apprendre à peindre, je veux dévorer des livres, je veux dessiner encore plus, je veux capturer des moments de la vie qui resteront gravés par l'art. je veux voyager, voir le bord des routes défiler, ou l'arpenter, voir de nouveaux visages et les croquer, mais je veux aussi me confiner dans cette maison encerclée par la nature, et écrire à n'en plus finir, jusque tard dans la nuit

2014 Resolutions

I’m a big fan of resolutions. New Years ones. Birthday ones. I think I just love any type of list. And it’s extremely hard to keep your New Year’s resolutions, yes. But I think the real problem is that we’re not making the right resolutions. In order to avoid the cliched and terrible resolutions we’ve all heard a billion times, I think the secret of making good resolutions is to make ones that don’t automatically set you up for failure. Example: Vowing to “Go to yoga more” is a lot less daunting of a resolution than promising to "Go to yoga two times a week.“ Does that make sense? Another tip? Don’t make monthly goals, make seasonal goals. Four seasons sounds a lot roomier and more relaxed than twelve months do in my mind, but maybe that’s just me. 

In any case, I try to come up with good resolutions and here are what my 2014 ones were, if you were interested.

  1. Check Facebook only once a day and take Sundays off.
    • Did this happen? Not even close. But I definitely went on it way less than in 2013. This is where I learned that I shouldn’t be so restrictive since I’ll be less successful in the long-run if I have ridiculous expectations.
  2. Watch at least three documentaries a month.
    • This resolution might make me sound like a loser who yearns to be cooler by being more into documentaries and that’s exactly right. I did it and yet I’m not cooler than you somehow.
  3. Read at least two books a season.
    • Did it! Yeah!
  4. Try two things off Pinterest a season.
    • Did it! Gonna do it again.
  5. Apply for editor jobs at least five times a week.
    • Hahahah, didn’t even remember this was on the list. Tip #2: Don’t make long resolution lists.
  6. Volunteer at least once a month.
    • Did it only for the first seven months. Fuck.
  7. Do pilates at least five times a month.
    • Did this every month with the exception of stupid September. Goddam you September.
  8. Juice at least four times a week.
    • Nope! Nowhere NEAR that many times. This one was way too lofty. Gotta aim lower for next year.
  9. Never Google Kim Kardashian again.
    • COMPLETED! And this one felt good. I used to Google her a lot in 2013 to see her different outfits and pretty face and body and etc., but it was harming me more than helping me so I wanted to stop and I did.
  10. Stop reading The Frisky.
    • This was a hard one, but I accomplished it. Maybe it doesn’t seem difficult to you to stop reading something, but it was. I used to go on that site maybe twice a day, every day. And then somewhere along the way it became way less about women-centered topics and interesting articles to focussing more on pregnant celebrities and top ten worst dressed lists. I had to stop.

As you can see, I wasn’t entirely successful - but the things that did happen? I’m pretty proud of those. I also wrote down every day that I either went to the gym or went to pilates last year and figured out that I went 137 days out of 365. That’s 37.5% of an entire year that I was at the gym. Do you know how insane that is considering I hadn’t given a fuck about exercise for, oh, say 27 years? 37.5%! I think that’s incredible. And obviously I’m not saying that everyone needs to go to a gym, but, like, that’s insane for me and makes me crazy happy to accomplish something so (typically speaking) out of character.

I’m still thinking of some new ones for 2015, so when I do there will be a post about that in a few days. This was an especially self-indulgent post AND I’M NOT SORRY!