(130401) “Stars in Danger” recording

Today was the first recording of the diving competition “Stars in Danger”. Han Geng did 2 jumps, and he got high scores on both of them (57.5 on the first one, and 59.5 on the second one). If I’ve understood correctly, there were 2 teams today. A red team and a blue team (Han Geng was on the blue team), and the blue team won. During the show, they played a VCR that showed when Han Geng once fainted in the water during training (last picture).

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Don’t let go. I’m not ready.
Yes, you are.

I honestly was sobbing when Sheriff Forbes passed away tonight on TVD.

Which is silly because it’s a fictional TV show with fictional characters. 

But, I think it just reminded me of all the times I’ve lost those that I love, especially to something as unfair as cancer. 

And how horrific and atrocious, and often unexpected, it is. 

And how you can be so pre-occupied with making sure they are OK and taking care of others, that you can forget to be present in those last precious moments. 

And how, in those final minutes, you’re trying to hold on to any happy, good memory to keep yourself from falling apart. 

And how sometimes you can’t remember the very last words you spoke to one another. 

And how sometimes you don’t get to say goodbye or hold their hand as they take that last breath.

And how there never seems be enough time left.

And how much it hurts.

Beautifully done, TVD.

shout out to mentally ill kids, we are just trying to do our best with the hand that we were dealt and sometimes that means taking a shower or remembering your meds is the best you can do and it still matters. its something, and its okay to not judge yourself by neurotypical standards. youre not disappointing anyone by not being able to do things neurotypical people can do i promise. your disability is real and matters and you dont have to be strong and power through and do everything, its okay to take baby steps. hang in there ok? i care about you <3

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mulls TW I binged and purged tonight and now I want to curl up and never eat again pls do u have advice or cuddles for me

oh no oh no 8( take care of yourself tonight ok maybe sip some water or a lil tea + see if u can maybe eat smth gentle like applesauce !!! n watch ur favorite movie + wear comfy clothes n remember u are still a truly amazing person 

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Hi! how do i take good care of myself mentally when i aspire to get all As but I can't keep up with my work and revision and everything?

Ok so first the most important thing to remember is your mental health ALWAYS comes before school. I know school is so pressuring and you want to do well and it’s very high stress but please please please take care of yourself. I know this isn’t necessarily what you wanted to hear but if I’m giving you realistic advice I’d say don’t worry about straight As. Just be dedicated, do your work, and don’t slack off. Do the best you can while also having a balance because school shouldn’t consume your whole life. I used to push myself SO hard for straight As and worry about it so much, but I don’t do that anymore. I do my best and put effort into every single assignment and even if I don’t get an A, at the end of the day I’m proud of my grades because I know I did my absolute best. 

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Hello Darling! How are you?! Do you have a daddy? Met any new friends we should add to our small group? Was your day good? Did you drink plenty of water and eat healthy? I hope so! If not its ok tomorrow is a new day love! Did you take care of yourself this week? Treat yourself to a little something you want? You remember you are beautiful! I love you! Sleep well bestie! Have wonderful dreams! ✨❤️✨

You are the freaking best, and sooo sweet. ^_^ I’m doing good just tired and ready to be done with school as usual haha. Yeah we just recently started talking, I thought I told you?! Oh yes, I met daddys-baby-girl18 , sweeeeeeeeettttttttttt Little. Yes, lots of water and if ramen counts as healthy bahaha, I hope you did! You’re the most beautifulest, love you!!!


      It was the day after we met that I asked you to hang out.  I don’t know what I was thinking; me, anti social and horrible at spending time with people I barely know, yet I wanted to see you again.  Talk to you without a crowd and hope to God I wouldn’t be too shy without alcohol.  I remember being afraid you weren’t going to show up because it had taken so long for you to get there; but you did and you sat down across from me.  We spent a couple hours just sitting at that table talking.  You were so smart and your sarcasm and wit rivaled mine, I’m pretty sure that’s what won me over, you could give it to me as good as you got it.  When Allen said she was at the movies I only wanted to go with you because it was a horror movie.  Shy, awkward, bad with physical contact me want to be the person you hugged and held onto.  So we went,  I’d already seen it, and I spent more time watching you than I did the movie.  I think the movie was the first time I thought about kissing you.  I’d known you less than 24 hours and I already wanted to kiss you.  And I’m not talking the “oh this person is attractive we should totally make out for fun” I’m talking the “this person is beautfiul, I want to kiss them under the stars at a fancy ball then run away together”.  After the movie we all went to Indian Summer, met up with a bunch of your friends and a bunch of mine.  I was glued to your side, something about leaving your presence was so off putting to me.   We sat so close, I think we held hands.  You were so fascinating and I spent the whole time wanting to kiss you.  I remember talking to Brinkman, I told her all I wanted was to kiss you and she kept trying to convince me that you were just as into me.  I’d known you for a day and I was already acting smitten.  I was already in love with you.  I never did kiss you while we were sitting around that firepit, you told me later that you had known, that you put yourself out there trying to tell me it was ok without saying it.  I remember the look on your face, it’s the same one you gave me everyday before you left, you were so beautiful.  You are so beautiful.  Finally the time came that I had to leave, you borrowed Allen’s car to drive me back, I knew this was my chance.  Right before we got in I stuttered out my question, “can I kiss you?”.  I’m sorry I made it sexual, I wish I could go back and change it, I wish I could give you the sweet first kiss you deserved.  A kiss under the stars.  I remember it not being enough, I made a lot of things sexual that night and I regret it immensely.  But it worked out in my favor.  I got to kiss you multiple times and you even sat in the smoke pit with me just so I didn’t have to leave you.  We spent at least an hour with each other everyday for the next week.  That Saturday I brought you flowers, I asked you to be my girlfriend.  I’ve never been more grateful for an unknown set up in my life than I was for the night Allen tricked me into showing up at Indian Summer September 5.


written January 7, 2015 1:38 AM

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Hey pal, I don't know whats going on, and I truthfully don't think it's my business to know. I just notice you seemed really down lately and I wanted to say that regardless of anything, you should try to take care of yourself. Crying is ok, but try to drink lots of water and maybe a snack. I'm just concerned for your well being. I don't want you to get sick and still be upset. I've been there and its no fun. So, all in all I hope you figure whatever is making you down and remember to take care.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I’ll be fine, time will just be needed

Grab me, stab me, go on and have me

There were, once upon a time, a girl and a boy.
She liked him so much,
he did not care nothing at all.
He could remember everything he went through last summer,
he could not remember our last talk.
He could realize he was an asshole,
and it’s ok, ‘cause she couldn’t neither,
she was in a crush.
Oh, boy, she was so inlove.

Lie me, have me.
Grab me, take me.
Live me, love me.
Entertain me, leave me,
hate me, excuse me.

Found my imperfection in our longest conversation.
You found yourself so lost on our last talk.
So amused, so cool.

And is this gonna turned out into an awkard situation?
Just like everybody else.

Everybody wants something from me - The Pretty Reckless

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Have you drank a cup of water in the last couple of hours? If no, stop replying this. Remember! You've to take care of yourself!

Is tea ok? 

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MY BF CHEATED ON ME😭 have you ever been thru something like this what do I doo?

oh hun, i’m so sorry! its such a terrible thing to happen to someone😢
i have, yeah, but i found out a while later, after we’d broken up, so it didn’t hurt nearly as much as you must be hurting right now😰

ok, my advice:
if you want to end things, don’t feel like you shouldn’t just because he might beg you to stay or if he keeps pleading with you to stay with him & tells you he won’t do it again. (cheaters often cheat again) but if you want to stay in the relationship, that’s fine too, just remember that you need to think of wht YOU need right now, ok babe? You’re hurting and upset and you need to take care of yourself for right now, alright? don’t worry about talking to him or making the next move until tmr, you deserve a night to just be.

it sounds like you are rightfully upset by this, as you are entitled to be, so for the time being, maybe curl up at home with some tea and watch a movie or read a book? talking it out with a close friend or family member might help too, but don’t close yourself off…please don’t hun, i know it can hurt like a fucking bitch, but don’t keep it all inside and bottle up the feelings and thoughts you’re having right are fully entitled to feel everything you could possibly feel and think whatever you may be thinking.

and remember, you don’t owe him anything. you do you & be that brave and beautiful and amazing person the world knows you are!😚i hope you don’t feel sad for too long, babe, you’re amazing & gorgeous & soo soo wonderful!! have a restful night, feel free to message me anytime, love😘 xo

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Hello! How are you? Did something great happen today? Whether or not you're alright, take care of yourself, okay? I'm just someone you don't know and who probably doesn't know you either, but I care! If something bad happened lately, remember that it's OK to be sad or angry as long as you won't let it destroy you or your relationships with the people you care about. Please know that you are a unique and beautiful human being, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!! Stay awesome.

This is really nice of you but-

the heck?

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I've been seeing this guy for the past 5 month, we were very close but it was never enough to be serious. He recently started falling for someone else. I backed off immediately and told him I'd be happy if he'd be happy with someone else. We were always super close and in constant contact. When we last partet, he told me how much he cared about me. We haven't spoken in ten days...I'm so lost and hurt...will this ever be ok again?

Things will always be ok again! Time heals all wounds, physical and mental. Just take time to take care of yourself and remember to treat yourself with respect. You deserve someone who cares about you.
I’m sorry if you were expecting a reading. I think the cards would have told you the same thing.

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Hey angel face. How's your day? Did you take care of yourself? I hope you're okay. xoxo

Hey hun, today was ok I guess. I’m good, how are you? Everything go according to plan? Did you remember to laugh? Thank you for these messages they light up my day xoxo 

Hindi ko alam ang title.

Nakakatawa kapag tuwing nakikita kitang nakasimangot, hindi ko alam kung mabobother ba ko kasi inis ka nanaman sakin o matutuwa kasi atleast napansin mo ko, :) basta alam ko bestfriends tayo at masaya ako kung anong meron tayo.  How I wish na yung “tayo” ee magkatotoo pero hindi talaga pwede ee. :) pero i will never ever change kasi hindi naging tayo. Bestfriends nga tayo db? ibig sabihin hanggang forever ung pagsasamahan natin, edi mas ok un.

Ano ba tong mga sinasabi ko? Kadramahan nanaman ng buhay ko. HAHAHAHAH!! XD

Basta kung ano man mangyari, KUYA  TABA is always here for you. Wag na wag monjg pababayaan ang sarili mo. Always remember that there are too many people who appreciates who you are. Take Care of yourself always. :) Mahal na Mahal KIta. :*