Relationship Break Ups

Remembering the sound of your voice still stops my heart in its tracks and I’m afraid I’ll never be able to shake you out of my bones. The way I felt when you entered the room still lingers with me like the smell of your cologne you left with me when you hugged me goodbye for the last time. Smelling like you for the rest of the day was the sweetest torture that haunted me – if only showering could wash away my memories – if only our moments together could swirl down the drain with the soapsuds around my feet. My mind is so cruel in the way that I will forget why I entered the next room, but I can’t get thoughts of your hand in mine, your arm around my waist, or the rise and fall of your chest as I rested against you, out of my mind. Maybe I simply want what I cannot have—or maybe I fell in love. I’m not sure exactly, but I’m just sorry I didn’t know how much I’d miss you, until missing you became the only option I have.
—  I still think of you & it hurts like yesterday

anonymous asked:

My boyfriend keeps dumping all of his problems on me and it makes me really stressed cause then I feel like I have to help him but if I spend ages with him I can't study for my exams and whenever I don't respond to him texts because I'm studying he's like 'you don't care enough to respond maybe I should just kill myself' and it's really stressful and u can't cope with it

technically that is emotional abuse, i think you should tell him that youre overwhelmed and you need a break from the relationship. or break up with him outright, DONT let him guilt trip you “i’ll hurt/kill myself if you leave”. youre not a bad person, but maybe refer him to a doctor or tell him to tell a parent if hes really struggling x

I’m scared I’ll never love anyone else the way I love you.
I’m scared I’ll never be able to kiss someone again without thinking of you.
I’m scared I’ll never be as compatible as I was with you.
I’m scared I’ll never be able to forget about your smile and the way your voice spoke when you told me you loved me.
I’m scared I’ll never be able to look into the future without seeing your face.
I’m scared I’ll never find someone to teach me how to love again.
—  I’m so fucking scared.

The only way to have a friend is to be one.” - R. W. Emerson

How To Stay Friends After A Breakup

Sometimes your boyfriend/girlfriend turns into your best friend and it’s hard to let that go after the relationship ends. We often want to stay friends with our exes and keep enjoying the friendship that we’ve built together. It is possible to stay friends after breaking up if you keep these few things in mind:

·        Give it time. Don’t expect to break up on Monday and be best friends on Tuesday. It takes time after breaking up before you are ready to be friends. Give yourself lots of time to heal from the breakup before you try hanging out as friends. If you jump from being partners to being friends too fast it can be difficult to separate the two and you can end up feeling hurt and confused.

·        Don’t talk about relationships. Normally friends are able to talk about anything together, but in this case there are certain topics that should remain off limits. One such topic is new relationships. Even if you are just friends now, it can be really hard to hear each other talk about new people that you’re dating. Find another friend to talk to about your new relationship.

·        Set clear boundaries. You will know what you need to do in order to feel comfortable in the friendship and you should set clear boundaries in order to make that happen. Maybe you don’t want to spend too much time together or maybe you want to keep conversations about your romantic relationship off limits. Whatever it takes to make the friendship a success is worth laying out and discussing.

·        Do different things. If you always did Friday nights at the movies when you were a couple, make sure to change your routine and do something different now. Watch out for falling back into the same routine as when you were a couple. Unless you are planning on getting back together, it can be emotionally confusing to do all the same stuff that you did as a couple when you are trying to just be friends. Help to make it clear that you have a different relationship now by doing different things together.

·        Hang out in groups. Especially at first, you’ll want to spend time in groups instead of being alone together. This helps to keep the vibe causal and fun, and keeps it clear that you two are not a couple anymore.

·        Forget old fights. Don’t rehash all the details of old fights and issues now that you are friends. Leave the struggles of your romantic relationship in the past.

·        Don’t play games. Your friendship will never work if you are playing games and trying to make each other jealous or pretending that you have a new partner, etc. There is bound to be some hurt leftover from your breakup, but don’t deal with it by playing petty mind games.

·        Understand your intentions. Look at why you really want to be friends. If you truly just like each other and admire each other and want to be friends, that’s great. But be careful if you have other underlying intentions, like wanting to get back together or to win them back.

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