Find the boy who will kiss your forehead before you sleep, and help you fight your demons every night. Find the boy who will catch your hand before you try to hide them and tells you that they are beautiful. Find the boy who smiles when you wear odd socks and makes you tea in bed just because he loves making you happy. Find the boy who understands that people overwhelm you sometimes and gives you all the space you need to cope. Find the boy who gives you strength when you fall so you can pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Find that boy. And don’t ever let him go.
—  Find That Boy | Nikita Gill
New relationship status: Plutonic

Plutonic: a relationship based on a love affair and/or dwelling in the underworld, darkness, spirits, ghosts, and various forms of undead.

May or may not be sexual. May or may not be with one other person. Acceptable for all genders and sexualities (and lack thereof).

"This is my plutonic partner, whom I often travel with to graveyards and seek out the unseen netherworld."

She said, “If you want someone normal, I’m telling you to walk out that door right now. This is not some test, there is no game or pretense here. I’m honestly giving you the chance to go. I’m telling you that it’s going to be hard being with me, that every day I’m going to say something wrong and do something stupid and you’re gonna suffer the brunt of it. You’re gonna be in the middle of all my goddamn mess and maybe most days you’ll love me regardless and some days you’ll wonder why the hell you’re staying with a lunatic like me.”

"I’m telling you it won’t be easy, but maybe you’ll stay anyway. Perhaps I’ve shown you enough reason to, at least. That even though I’m all of those, I still have enough softness in me, that I’m just itching to completely share that with someone. That despite all the shit I spew, I still want all of it, the house with the white picket fence and the kids playing on the lawn and us sitting at the porch. I’m not the girl you imagined yourself to be with and I’m certainly more than anyone can handle…"

"but if there’s someone who wants it, you, us more than anything in this goddamn world, it would be me."

"So what’s it gonna be?"


Incomplete Manuscripts #4

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