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Cool stuff tonight (but it left me wanting more)


Looks like Aldercapt and Prince Niflheim’s costumes got updated(?) Good changes. 

Look at this douchepinata’s smug frickin face and greasy hair. I want to punch him.

I guess this here is the magic barrier around the city? It’s pretty. And those were some interesting plot details we heard. Niflheim betrays and assaults Lucis and takes their crystal away, but then they stay and provide aid to the citizens? Strange. But I remember the line that Aldercapt had during the E3 trailer: “Finish suppressing the remaining Lucii loyalists.” I’m guessing that for whatever reason, some citizens of Lucis do accept Niflheim as their new ruler.

Mr. Amicitia. Yes, I still think that this guy might be a traitor. Niflheim being able to break the magic barrier so easily probably meant that they had help from someone in Lucis. And given this guy’s sinister look, I’m guessing it was him.

But I could be wrong. And I also think he would probably have a good, at least fairly sympathetic reason for being a turncoat, if he is one.

Regis again. Everyone seems to think that he dies here, but we were told that the Caelum family are the only ones who can control the Lucian crystal (though that plot detail may have been scrapped), and that Niflheim soldiers have been ordered to kill Noctis as soon as they see him. Also, while in Accordo, Noctis says “My old man is on the lam,” and Ignis “let’s reach him before they do.” So I think that Regis gets taken prisoner here by Niflheim so that they can force him to control the crystal for them or somehow get him to hand that power over to them. After all, if Aldercapt had really wanted to kill Regis right then and there, he could have just shot him, but he doesn’t. Maybe Regis finds a way to escape while Noctis and company in Accordo and they manage to meet up again before Regis dies and that’s around the time when Cor joins the party.  

Uh-oh, Luna. Looks like whoever wanted her dead and chase her out of Tenebrae found her again. I think my idea about her wanting to betray Noctis was wrong.

Ignis being protective of Noct again. 


Ignis, why are you so attractive?

 Acrobat Noct

Prince Noctis getting angry about his endangered citizens. 

Dorks with folding camping chairs. Also, you can apparently purchase ingredients to cook your own food in addition to buying it in the towns.

 Female mechanic named Cid/Cidney/Cindy. Yes, please.

Cor looks really sad here. Also, he is still playable, but he won’t be a permanent party member and is a “guest,” since he’s more devoted to Regis. Also, Tabata hinted that Cor is not the only guest party member (!!!!)

Tabata said that they had a lot of other scenes the staff wanted to show, but they didn’t show them for some reason. :(

Final Fantasy XV Icon Pack #1

From what I know, finding Final Fantasy XV icons is difficult. Since I make my own icons, I decided to share my abilities with the rest of the fandom (yay!). Some of these icons were made in the past and have been re-edited recently; if any of them look familiar to you, that’s probably why. I’ll be making more packs like this in the future, so look out for them! Anybody can use these, whether you follow me or not!!

**If you’re a XV RP blog, do NOT feel obligated to follow me just because you use these. Trust me, if you don’t want to follow / interact with me, I don’t want you following me.**

  • Credit is never mandatory, but always appreciated!
  • You can edit these as much as you like, so long as you don’t claim them as your own!
  • If you do edit them, do NOT watermark or put your URL on them!

Total Icons: 380 { d o w n l o a d  }

Complete preview is under the cut!

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