Okay, guys, I have been searching for these guys ALL SEASON. They are abundant in NY, especially this area, and my location harbors prime habitat for them. But I couldn’t find any all season, even though I literally looked everywhere that they would be. Then today, by chance, I lifted up a fallen piece of wood and right there I saw, perfectly blended in with the leaves, this little guy. I was SO happy.

This little guy is a red eft eastern (red spotted) newt. You’ll mostly find the red efts, because the adults are pretty difficult to find. I’m so happy I found one though.

Red Eft

Kinda blurry, sorry.   Hoping the new Iphone will be able to do better closeups than my 3 year old 3G.  This critter was hanging out on the road. Good thing there’s not much traffic.

I always think of them as an early spring phenomena but I’ve noticed them all summer and now fall.