So there are probably people who haven’t seen this before.

ok but so if all the teleporter cubes went off

and doc didnt show up with the reds and blues

and the mercs have teleporter cubes 

and theyve been rebooting things from earlier in the show

what if doc ended up with felix and locus and just like with wash and meta, kinda becomes friends with felix and ends up sympathizing with them

possibly leading to a heartbreaking scene with donut or someone but basically i think this should happen

Florida Oranges

ok so I made this earlier tumblr ate i guess so here’s what its based on this

So lets talk about Florida and how hes possibly the strongest freelancer out of them all he wears Odst armor which is trash compared to spartan armor (what everyone else wears) its basically dust for Pete’s sake and can still take them down, Florida could probably still take them down if they rushed him all at once

 Florida seems like the kind of guy to want the 2.5 children the amazing house on the side of the country road pancakes every morning its what he always wanted always strives for he said to himself as soon as he got back from the army that he would settle down find a person to settle down with and have that american dream life 

Flowers would be best dad he takes his kids to baseball games drops his kids off on the first day of preschool claps the hardest when they graduated his kids would be amazingly smart never do drugs and always knew they could come to their dad for support in anything they did he would take them for pasties every Sunday after church and beat up the bullies for them flower dad is best dad and the first time someone forces themselves on his daughter they end up “missing”

 (sad time HAHA) Florida finds out he cant have kids on the day he enrolls, the report in his hand, he had asked to see his medical report, heart problems had always been a problem in his family, but when he saw those words, his world crashed everything he had wanted, everything he needed was gone he could never have kids of his own, it said it right on the paper to many genetic anomaly’s to make it safe for him to ever have kids of his own his dreams shattered he cried, he cried until he couldn’t anymore because everything he ever wanted was gone in a flash

Florida got strong its amazing what losing your dreams does to you. He was invited to join a top class (haha) of military soldiers He decided that this was as close as he was going to get so he started watching out for everyone on his team no one really liked having him around and he understood he worked in the shadows, people didn’t like having extra shadows but he had saved their lives countless time he even kept track at one point 

(also Florida sleeps in the air vents lets be real here, and the only reason anyone knows is because one time wash had made York really mad and thought the only way to escape him would be to climb on Maine and into the air ducts, and he finds a nest in a bigger vent with clothes and pictures and navy blue armor pieces)(think rat man from portal if you will)

Wyoming was the first person that Florida really got along with, not even He was sure why maybe it was that Wyoming had such a joking atmosphere around him, Florida needed that, He needed someone to talk to someone who could listen and even though he didn’t agree with Florida’s love of children he like Florida enough to listen (he was the only one to listen to his jokes) and Florida didn’t mind him to much he couldn’t they did 95% of their missions together

Florida was upset to leave the small family behind to say the least everyone turned on each other everything was crazy and Florida felt like it was his fault for not being a good enough team dad but duty calls is what he keeps telling himself as he packs up his small rats nest

 Florida finally understood that he was never going to get out of here when the Director blew his home to bits every hometown memory gone every friend he ever made back home dead his parents graves blown to bits his childhood home while had many owners in the first years of the army Florida did manage to buy back the deed and planed to return once he was inevitably taken out of service was destroyed “no way in, no way out” they say, he figures

He decides hes going to make the most of what he has, Florida has always had an amazing sense of when people will die, he can tell he’s going to be going soon, so he decides he’ll work with what he can

Flowers like in in the dusty canyon by the name of blood gulch

Church good kid terrible mouth on him though

sarge was on the other side of the canyon Florida though of him as the “grouchy next door neighbor” and he really enjoyed pissing him of it was a past time really finding his way inside the base to sip tea on the mans counter was rivaling sitting on the red side and knitting while sarge yelled colorful insults at him for his favorite activity if church asked for alone time

Grif shipped in next, Grif was smart granted he didn’t use his brain for anything other than creative ways to shovel more food into his mouth, and he absolutely refused to talk to Florida there wasn’t anything he could do about it either

Simmons shipped in next, Flowers would have loved to help him raise his self confidence, even a little and he knew Simmons would shine

And then came Tucker shortly after, now  Florida knew it was bad to pick favorites but he really wanted to work more closely with tucker, he could tell he was going to do so many great things

He knew it would happen he went and saw Wyoming a final time made sure to tell both his men he loved them in his own way and he died peacefully 

 He died happy content with the small group he called family

After going through my photo albums I remember why I got into trouble. (I lost locus’s) I I go I go to I go to a Christian school and and was working on this (for some reason I thought that I did REAL bee outfits but of well) but here this is important because look how good he looks. This was the one,im going to try and find locus, was the one I was trying to send you


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tuckington prompt - we’re the only single people at this wedding table lets get drunk and bitch about everyone au (tex & church's wedding)

Thanks for the prompt Anon :) I hope this is okay!


“Unless you’ve got a wife or something at home in which case the universe is just laughing at me and you’re the kicker.”

“Nah dude, single. Which, at this wedding, totally blows. I’m Tucker, the only single dude at this fucking wedding.”

He nodded, agreeing with Tucker. “I’m Wash, the only other single guy at this wedding.


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