i’ve sent out my holiday cards and they should be arriving at their destinations soon, so here’s my rvb design for this year :> i’ve never made my own holiday cards before and this year i was so excited that i started this the day before halloween oops

happy holidays from your fave not-dead-yet ugly-sweatered freelancers!

projectfreewill perguntou:

If you're doing that character Drabble thing could you do York and Carolina and eyes

Did you know I got the same prompt for two different pairings? Out of all the prompts. 

Anyway, I kind of got off topic with this one. Ask  my creative writing teacher, I’m not very good at staying on prompt.

When York opened his eyes, a pair of bright green eyes were looking down at him. His wife’s eyes, though not his wife’s face, and he couldn’t help but smile.

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Caboose encounters a peculiar stranger.
  • This is a conversation between Hentai girl and yourself, Caboose.
  • Caboose:hello ma'am
  • Hentai girl:Ah! Caboose-kun!
  • Caboose:hi
  • Hentai girl:How's your day been?
  • Hentai girl:I hope it was good..
  • Caboose:it's been ok
  • Hentai girl:I have dinner ready for you?
  • Caboose:where did that octopus come from?
  • Caboose:are we having calamari?
  • Hentai girl:Ahaha, I was just practicing my magic, of course!
  • Hentai girl:Did you forget that?
  • Hentai girl:You're so silly!
  • Caboose:inbetween your legs doesn't seem like the best place to carry an octopus
  • Hentai girl:I think I messed up a spell though..
  • Hentai girl:Eep! Really?
  • Hentai girl:Ah, please forgive me..
  • Caboose:yea
  • Caboose:it's ok
  • Caboose:he needs a tank!
  • Hentai girl:Is there anything I can do for you to make up for that?
  • Hentai girl:Anything at all?
  • Caboose:TANK*
  • Hentai girl:W-what?
  • Hentai girl:You, have a, girlfriend?
  • Caboose:well some people call her Filss
  • Hentai girl:Ah.. I see...
  • Hentai girl:Um.. How close are you and.. Ms. Filss?..
  • Caboose:I was inside her the other day. She was showing me how to drive her.
  • Hentai girl:A-..
  • Hentai girl:Y-you.. Were.. I-inside of her?!..
  • Caboose:yeah... she's a really tight fit
  • Hentai girl:Please be more clear about your feelings!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hentai girl has left the conversation.

Emily Grey and Frank DuFresne (often referred to as “Doc”) are specialty doctors. They’re often seen cnoming and going from the For Hire’s base, though Emily never seems to have a drop of blood on her pristine white clothing. Both have gained the trust of the For Hires. They’ve helped them with a curious situation in the past and that experience may be needed once again when Florida brings them interesting news of the people he has just met at Errera.

[The Twins] [Thief and Recovery] [Mercenaries] [The Meta] [CT and Number One] [479] [The informant and The Hunter] [The Soldier] [Sis] [Kimball] [Sarge and Lopez]

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