Get Well Soon, Monty Oum!

Monty recently became hospitalized in critical care, so far we’ve almost doubled the donation goal to help with the medical expenses. Please keep him in your prayers and help with whatever kindness you can offer. Get well soon, Monty! We all love you and support you. - Kathy

Information here
Donation here

Cards for Monty

So if you have not heard, Monty Oum has had a medical emergency and is currently in the hospital. There is a gofundme to help with expenses and everyone in the community has been amazing in helping donate, though there are some who are unable to donate and just wish to lend support, which is why I want to collect, and send get well cards and gifts to Monty.

The gist of this is that I want to send a care package of sorts full of get well wishes and fan art, and gifts to show our support.
What I’m going to do is be collecting them and sending them off at once in a package.

Please send me an ask with a message saying you want to participate and I’ll send you my address.

For people who can’t send cards, or maybe have digital art they want to send; my email is I’ll be buying cards to write down messages from people who are unable to send them.

Feel free to send asks with questions, and I’ll be following the Cards For Monty tag as well.

As I’m sure most of you know, Monty has been hospitalized and is in critical care.  There is a GoFundMe going on for him. 

I am also offering a 20% off coupon code in my Etsy store for the next week. All the proceeds that I earn using that code are going to go to Monty’s GoFundMe. The code is “GETBETTERMONTY”. 

Monty has touched my life, and I want to help him in any way that I can. Please feel free to reblog this so more people can see it.


more of [this idea] bc it’s a cool idea

here have the other loser merc.

Locus has no lasting markings from before his military service bc he tossed that part of his life and left it behind when he committed to being more weapon than man.  Whatever was there was blotted out by others or just faded over time.

anyways, we got armour markings bc that’s significant if he goes by armour name rather than real name.  the bright orange band for Felix, yellow and steel for Washington + that existential crisis he made Locus face, UNSC logo for military service but also his commitment to being a perfect soldier in an army - it’s a little messed up (eagle now a skeleton, wings losing feathers, colour shifted from white to red and black) because he wants to live to that soldier ideal, but he’s failing somehow, and also bc allegiance no longer with UNSC but charon.  Then you have the endless wave of tally marks for all the dead people to his name.  His back is covered with them, they’re starting to bleed over his sides.

..sometimes i feel i draw this AU less bc of tattoos but more bc i have to draw everyone shirtless lol

Breaking: Monty Oum Hospitilized.

For those of you that are a fan of Roosterteeth and RWBY please read. Animator and RWBY creator, Monty Oum has been hospitalized and is is in critical condition. No detail about why he’s there but please don’t harass the staff with questions about it. They have asked to respect the Oum family’s privacy on the matter. Please if you are a fan and part of the RT/AH community, help donate for the medical expenses.

Read more here: XXXXX

Help donate: XXXXX


Our thoughts are with you and your family Monty.

Get Well Soon, Monty.

Monty is currently in hospital and I have no money to donate, (If you have some money you would like to donate, here is the fund - [x]) so I decided to make some art to show my regards. Although it’s currently rainy for the RT fandom, family and Monty, we can get through it together. I send my hugs to all of you dears and I wish Monty to get well soon.

Keep your heads high for Monty, lovelies.


Monty Oum has been hospitalised, is in critical care, and it is not known if he will recover. Aside from sending good thoughts and prayers his way, his family and friends have set up a gofundme to help pay the medical expenses, so if you have ANY extra money at all, please donate here


Roosterteeth just announced that Monty Oum has been hospitalized and in critical care. The link to the full post on their site is here and they have a link to anyone who wants to donate to his medical bills. For those that don’t know, Monty is their lead animation director and is all the man behind RWBY. Please spread this and show our support if you can’t donate

I Believe in Monty Oum

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve tagged everything Monty related today with, “I Believe in Monty Oum.” There’s a good reason for that.

I never thought I’d sit here, in Washington, and cry/worry over someone 2,000 miles away, but it’s happening today.

Monty has done so much for Rooster Teeth and the amazing community behind it. The work he has done for RWBY and Red Vs Blue contributes to the person I am today. I’ve made friends because of his work. I’ve become more open about my interests and who/what I want to become. I’ve become more confident because if Jaune can dance in front of the entirety of Beacon in a dress, then I can believe in myself. I want to pay him back so much (I even wore my RWBY shirt when our pep band was getting filmed for a TV show in hopes that it would show up.)

My prayers and thoughts go out to the Oum family, their friends, and the Rooster Teeth staff and community. When your in a hospital, you hope the words “critical care” never come up. To see those words next to the name Monty Oum was heartbreaking. Ashley’s state alone in the new “Know It All” brought me to tears. The news has been tough on us all. If you can, please donate here to help cover the cost of Monty’s hospital expenses:

I believe Monty can come out of this. I believe the RT community will be with him every step of the way. But most of all, I believe in Monty Oum.