the real stars of season 7 amirite

i felt a bit sick yesterday, so i marathoned RvB from the beginning again while i sat around trying not to puke and

I forgot how much i liked seasons 6-8?? like definitely my favourite seasons yup absolutely.

i know it’s not really canon, but i like thinking donut worked a bit with tucker while they were offscreen for most of reconstruction doing diplomatic alien shit and that donut left to find help when tucker needed it.

i like thinking the most adequate soldiers* of both teams are friends.

ps: i forgot how much i loved donut until this rewatch it’s like rvb forgets about him all the timeee!! more donut plz

*agent washington is a freelancer and thus does not qualify for most adequate soldier of blue team sorry. tucker is miles ahead of both church and caboose in the adequacy department and donut killed tex once okay he is The Most Adequate Red. don’t argue with me i don’t make the rules!! !!!

For some reason I can really easily imagine Tucker dancing around Blue Base singing “Uptown Funk” to himself. He’d do this stupid little dance and just be happy.  It would be his way to unwind, just singing a peppy song and dancing stupidly and being overall relaxed after a long day. Maybe he’d dance with Junior sometimes. Or sometimes in the desert when things got stressful. Or even maybe when they were stranded initially on Chorus, when they were all still together, maybe even then he could still gather up the energy and happiness some evenings to sing “Uptown Funk” in a cave where no one could find him and dance like an idiot.

But that was before Felix, and Locus, and the New Republic.

I don’t think Tucker sings anymore.


felt like shit yesterday, drew something to distract myself

thought about winter wear, because it’s winter in my home country, missing the cold…

as for me, i haven’t stopped experiencing summer since june

agent maine / the hermit

i had a lot of fun doing wash in That Tarot Card Style so i figured i might as well do maine too; gave him the hermit not only for reasons but also because according to wikipedia, the hermit is associated with silence, solitude, and isolation, as well as withdrawing from society and then the return from isolation

tl;dr im trash for my own au