Red Panda

Red Pandas at the Adelaide Zoo in Australia on March 30, 2015.

“On the morning of Wednesday 28 January, panda keepers made a delightful discovery during a routine clean of the Red Panda night quarters - two tiny Red Panda cubs! The discovery came as quite a surprise as zoo keepers had ruled out the possibility that our female Red Panda was pregnant in December after the yearly birthing season passed without the arrival of cubs.

The cubs had their first vet check on March 30, which confirmed we have two boys! As the adorable pair grows, they’re expected to become more adventurous and confident with their surroundings and start exploring their habitat so that visitors can hope to catch a glimpse.”

© Adelaide Zoo


A panda covered in red is a red panda 

A red panda covered in red is a red red panda 

A red panda covered in white is a white red panda

A redbird covered in white is a dove

A panda covered in white is a polar bear …. it’s getting magic !!!!! 

Let me learn you something funny, a red panda in french is called 

a panda roux, we can translate it as red panda or "ginger" panda =) 

The redbird’s name can also be northern cardinal, in french we call it

 cardinal rouge

By the way, rouge means red in french, like Rouge in Sonic the hedgehog ^U^