Red Hawks Basketball

     On Tuesday, December 4th, the Ripon Red Hawks men’s and women’s basketball teams held the “Drive to the Hoop” event where fans were asked to bring in canned goods and new or unused toys. The canned goods went to the Ripon Community Food Pantry. In past years, the college has raised over 1,700 food items to bring to the pantry and donated almost a thousand dollars to purchase more.

     On December 15th, both the men’s and women’s basketball teams visited the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, which is one of the nations top pediatric facilities. These students brought along the donated toys and gifts for the children suffering from heart complications. Now why would the teams specifically donate to this hospital you may be thinking? Assistant Coach Brad Clark’s son was once at the Children’s Hospital. After he was born, he was diagnosed with a heart disease and had to spend over 60 days in the hospital. Luckily the skilled staff of doctors and nurses at the hospital were able to help him make a full recovery. Therefore, Clark  wanted to make sure to thank them for all they’ve done for him and families that are going through some difficult times this holiday season.

     If you can’t tell from the picture, the donations were a huge success! All the members of the Ripon College basketball teams want to thank all of their fans for being so generous during this season of giving. You’ve made a lot of people smile and truly feel joy during this wonderful time of year.