Record Store Day is tomorrow! What new releases are you hoping to get?

The Direction of Things To Come: Record Store Day

by Ray Harkins

Ultimately, I love Record Store Day and there’s probably nothing that will stop me from showing up at Fingerprints in the pre-dawn hours for the foreseeable future, but I do wonder about the direction I see the day going in. At its core, the day has such a noble cause; I just hope we don’t abandon it in our willingness to let big business and commercialism take it over.

Records hold a special place in my heart. I own over 4,500 pieces of vinyl; if I wanted to, I could open up my own record shop, but that would mean I would have to part with one of these precious pieces. Not gonna happen. I have collected records for close to 20 years and witnessed the ebb and flow of consumer interest over those years. Fortunately for my collection, in the independent music community, vinyl has always remained a beloved format for collecting music. Tapes, CDs, mp3s: here today, gone tomorrow. Not so for my precious vinyl.

As an avid – some might say obsessed – collector, one of the most important, anticipated days on my calendar each year is Record Store Day. I have attended every single year since its inception.  Fingerprints in Long Beach, California has always been my main stop for one simple reason: sheer selection. Many indie stores focus on one or two genres of music, their appeal to the consumer being that they are THE spot for metal or punk or insert-niche-genre-here. Fingerprints, though, has always been a source of more variety (albeit with a tilt toward indie).

The first RSD was a curiosity for most people. There wasn’t a bevy of exclusive releases to choose from. It was more of an encouragement for consumers to support the dwindling business of the brick and mortar stores. I went to Fingerprints around 4 or 5pm and picked up a few things, but basically it seemed like any other normal day in the store.

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Image courtesy of Disko Obscura

Saturday April 18th is Record Store Day – one of the best shopping days of the year. Over 500 titles are being released this year, many of them rarities never to be seen again. We’ll be out and about catching live music, drinking free beer, and digging through crates all day long.

Here’s our guide to what’s happening around town:


1101 First Street
11am - 6pm

Stop in to dig through our small collection of records curated by Domino Sound, Joey Buttons, and Brice Nice. We also have a few locally exclusive releases including Flexxseal 004 by Christopher Joseph. You’ll need a bag or two to carry all the records you’ll be buying so we’re taking 20% off all totes. Personally we’ll be using a few of our Always New Orleans tote bags.

Disko Obscura
1113b St. Mary Street
11am - 8pm

Local record label Disko Obscura’s store is nestled in a beautiful new space it occupies with fellow DNO friends DVRA and Tchoup Industries.  Label owner Joey Buttons will be playing records throughout the day and will have new releases in stock along with a few of the more worthwhile Record Store Day releases. Purchase of a record gets you a free beer (21+) and a chance to win every Disko Obscura and Sinking City release on vinyl.

Euclid Records
3401 Chartres Street
11am - 7pm

Euclid Records is promising their largest shipment of RSD releases to date. Live music kicks off with Luke Winslow King at 12pm, followed by Lovelee and J at 1pm, DANNY at 2pm, The Kid Carsons at 3pm, and Chicken Snake closing things out at 4pm. Free beer from Markey’s Bar while supplies last. 

Peaches Records
408 North Peters
9am - 9pm

Peaches will have ridiculous amounts of RSD releases and the most ridiculous attraction of the day – an in-store petting zoo. If that doesn’t get you there maybe free Hansen’s sno-balls, free Red Bull, and ticket giveaways will.

Skully’z Recordz
907 Bourbon Street
9am - 8pm

This tiny record store always has a big selection of choice cuts. Get there early, there will be lines.

Louisiana Music Factory
421 Frenchmen Street
11am - 8pm

Live music begins with Jon Roniger at 2pm followed by Alexandra Scott at 3pm, Cesar Brothers at 4pm and Tank & the Bangas at 5pm.

Domino Sound Record Shack
2557 Bayou Road
12pm - 6pm 

We’re not sure if anything out of the ordinary is happening at Domino but honestly who needs gimmicks with such an amazing collection to pick through? We’ll be closing out our day here and heading over to Parkway for a po-boy and a couple of cold ones after. Maybe we’ll see you there. The first round is on us.

record store day! its coming. tomorrow april 18th! we’ve got an EP of remixes and covers…here’s the tracklist. copies are v limited so be quick on em.

Love Lockdown
Hazey (Dave Glass Animals Rework) feat. Rome Fortune
Gooey Rework (feat. Chester Waston)

Gooey (Gilligan Moss Remix)
Pools (Roosevelt Remix)
Holiest (feat. Tei Shi)

loads of good releases this year so make sure you get down to your local shop and check em out.

We’re invading a record store near you with six releases tomorrow:

  • of Montreal Snare Lustrous Doomings 180-Gram Yellow & Orange 2xLP
    – Career-spanning 19 track live album includes full-color booklet with tour photos and more.

  • Pele Elephant 180-Gram Clear LP
    – First time on vinyl for third full-length from band featuring members of Volcano Choir, Collections of Colonies of Bees, and Paris, Texas.

  • Shugo Tokumaru Night Piece 180-Gram Dark Red LP
    – Critically acclaimed debut record on vinyl for the first time.

  • Shugo Tokumaru L.S.T. 180-Gram White Marble LP
      – First time on vinyl for Shugo’s second full-length.

  • V/A Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series Vol. 1 180-Gram Clear LP
    – Compilation features the A-sides from Vol. 1 of the Polyvinyl 7" series, with songs by Cloud Nothings, Mikael Cronin, Into It. Over It., Hospitality, and more.

  • Xiu Xiu Fabulous Muscles 180-Gram Blue LP
    – Deluxe re-issue of classic (and previously out-of-print) Xiu Xiu album features updated artwork and a deluxe gatefold jacket.

Happy hunting!

Happy Record Store Day!

Please take the time today to support your local, independent record store - whether it be through buying official RSD releases or not. Shoutout to Poison City, Beatdisc and Blackwire for their particular support of LBR. Amazing people doing amazing things.

You can find some LBR releases in stock at the following stores:

Sydney - Beatdisc, Blackwire, Resist, Red Eye
Melbourne - Poison City
Brisbane - Rocking Horse
Adelaide - Clarity

For those wondering what’s happening next with LBR, unfortunately LBR004 got knocked back a bit due to faulty test presses. New ones arrive in the next few days and an announcement will probably be coming in the next week, so look out - very excited to work with our first international band!

Only 1 more day until Records Store Day. If you’re in Portland,OR tomorrow, join Dawes at Music Millennium for a special performance at 6pm. While you’re there, pre-order the new album All Your Favorite Bands and get a 2-song CD single of “Things Happen” as well as this limited edition litho by artist Ryan Dobrowski. Quantity limited, see you Saturday!

“The Black Cloud” by Honeyblood // The Black Cloud 7″ (Available 4.18.15 via Fat Cat)

With all of the releases dropping this weekend for Record Store Day, it can be a little hard to keep up. It’s always best for me to stick with what I care about and avoid buying for sheer collectibility. On the care list this year would definitely be Glasgow based garage fuzz duo, Honeyblood’s 7″ release of their killer jam, “The Black Cloud”. The track is four minutes of jangly, grunge guitars and ear worm melodies - a sort of perfect warm weather song delivered with an energetic jolt.