Please Stop Removing Artist Credits

I don’t understand the logic behind reblogging and removing artists credits/text from their work. When I see this done to my work, it makes me feel homicidal.

When an artist adds accompanying text to their work, the text is part of the work. It defines the work, the medium, the title, etc. When you remove that text, you are sharing it out of context.

In the event that work is posted for sale and you strip the sale information before reblogging, you are indicating that the piece was made for you to have as blog eye candy but not for the artist to make a living. In other words, the artist selling their art is getting in the way of your interest in harvesting their art to beautify your blog.

Stripping any content from an artist before reblogging is a covert way of stealing and it reeks of entitlement and disrespect. If you do this, you don’t respect art, you respect content.

It’s bad enough that sites like Tumblr encourage rampant copyright infringement and most works get uploaded and posted without even a nod to the artists name. But when you go directly to their home (official blog) and reblog something after altering or removing their text, it’s an especially heinous move.

Do not come into my space and recontextualize my work.

“Reblog karma” is one of the stupidest, most petty things Tumblr has ever came up with. This is literally a way to bully, pressure & guilt-trip people into rping with you when they may not feel comfortable or see anything that fits your muses. (Which is the most likely reason) I will reblog any damn meme I want without sending a prompt because it is my right and I don’t have to interact with you for any reason. All you’re going to get from me is a complete loss of respect if you pull this crap.

This is no joke. I’m asking you to help me get this done, wherever you are in our world. There are hurting people who need our support. More are going to die everyday if something isn’t done. World leaders and citizens of this planet …fellow human beings: Are we going to let this happen? Are we?   (…PLEASE: In this case “Liking” is lame and is not going to get this done. At least Reblog if only for a time. No site is above this. You are needed)

As the saying goes: “Good need only stand by and do nothing for evil to succeed.”  If they had the chance, you better believe they’d be coming for you next…

…And thank you for caring. -DWTT

Somebody Stop Me

Good morning my friends.  I seriously doubt I’ll ever do it, but I’ve considered changing dontcryitsonlymike to something like dontcryitsonlyreblogs and doing my reblogging there.  I will say reblogging heavily on your main blog is possibly slightly counterproductive if you actually want to make sure your friends see your writing, and I know it probably chases some followers away.  I’m okay with the second part, and I think it’s wonderful that so many people are reblogging these days and have set up blogs specifically for them.  So why don’t I quit thinking/talking about it, be quiet, and do the same?  Well, so much has changed over the past nearly 4 and a half years that I’ve been on Tumblr (art does imitate life I guess), but back when I reblogged regularly I tried to include a few friends and as many new or newer writers as I came across, and I like to see them receiving as much exposure and hearts as possible.  It was easy then, having been on Tumblr at least a little longer than almost anyone I know today, most of my friends were new as well.  Interestingly though these days many of them have repaid me by becoming just one notch below Tumblr Famous, I’m playing, and I do like to think I have mostly excellent taste in friends who happen to be writers, and while it’s more complicated, one of my greatest joys is still reblogging writers who are un or possibly under known, then watching the friend reblogging network kick in and then seeing them get featured or a ton of hearts.   Maybe I should just follow the old wisdom of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  Sorry, I know this is probably kind of meandering and rambling, but before closing I have two more points to make.  The first is that I have over 20 friends queued up, and they must be set free soon.  You have been warned, and the second far more important point is, I do love you all.   Mike.

anonymous asked:

So i've noticed some people im following getting anon hate for not reblogging ferguson. not even for dissenting opinions, but just for not changing their queue. one of them is already super depressed and thats her reason for being silent. Opinion?

I think people need to remember that tumblr is just ONE FACET of all our lives. People who don’t reblog are not necessarily doing nothing, and to focus on using “did you reblog” as a litmus test is to completely miss the point. The point is that people should care, and if you reblog it’s because you care. Not the other way around- which seems to treat reblogging Ferguson like a bumper sticker gesture to win brownie points.

Imo this entire case is quite distressing and depressing and people who already are struggling with mental health issues have PERFECTLY legitimate reasons to safeguard their health. Like, it would be great if you could reblog at least a few posts, maybe the more positive and less triggering ones, but if your mental health is at risk? Your own health is important. It does no good to anyone to run yourself to the ground.

Okay people, since a lot of people can’t tell the difference, let me explain the difference of reposting and reblogging.

Reblogging is, as you already know, clicking on that arrow button on a post. Reblogging is awesome, you help spreading original content people made and share it in a respectful, fun way.

Reposting on the other hand, is something completely different: saving someone’s art/gifs/edits/graphics/etc. and posting it again onto your own blog. Reposting is not only disrespectful to the artist, it’s just straight up dumb. Clicking the reblog button is not hard, do it for God’s sake.