[MEDICINE] Terran Colony to Revitalize Endangered Cannabis Plant

By Thuxxton Attris

via Galactic Geographic

Smell that? Smells like science in the air. With Earth still rebuilding and many human colonies looking for independant sources of income separate from the homeworld, one colony has decided to step their things up a notch and re-cultivate an almost extinct terran planet - the humble Cannabis Sativa, otherwise known by many aficionados as “grass.”

A powerful and popular psychoactive stimulant, cannabis was one of the many casualties to the planet’s flora and fauna when the Reapers struck Earth. With few samples remaining in the bigger cities due to governmental crackdowns before the Reapers attacked, and those left in the wild burned down when many of the more rural areas were attacked and used as staging areas by Reaper forces, cannabis sativa was almost wiped off the face of the universe. That is, until an entrepreneur by the name of Malcolm Holdem decided to give this happy little plant another shot.

“It’s a valuable resource,” Holdem said via teleconference. “It’s great for textiles, the hemp itself has over a thousand different uses, the seeds are edible, it can be used to make wax, hell, you can even use it for plastics. Plus, as a psychoreactive substance with endless psychological applications, it can help many survivors of the Reaper war acclimate to a new, war-less society.”

Holdem didn’t say when the colony would break ground or what planet it would break ground on, but he did say that many abandoned garden colonies were being considered. Holdem, who owns several pharmacological patents for drugs like Barbatal, Formicane, and Deltamoxycycline, promised that the colony would have an “open” policy once it was formed.

“Our aim is to keep the colony free and open to anyone who wants to help,” Holdem said. “We don’t want a dank planet underneath corporate control - it’s about time we embraced a new philosophy, one about giving things back to the people. That’s what this colony’s going to be about.”

Another Garry’s Mod scenebuild, and lord and behold THIS ONE DOESN’T INVOLVE TURIANS!… Though it is another Mass Effect one. Uploaded it to my DeviantArt, and realized I hadn’t shared it here, so enjoy. 

As Reaper forces occupy Earth and systematically work to eradicate the human race, the few Systems Alliance troops left behind wage a desperate insurgency under the leadership of Admiral David Anderson, forming alliances with informal rebel groups and local armed forces to launch hit and run attacks on the Reapers. Here, a Systems Alliance officer appears displeased with the lack of concern a local rebel is showing for their current situation.


The Reaper Run now introduces to you Hippy and War. Hippy looks cool and funky with his headband across his head and War looks horrifying with sharp golden sword that chases the Hippy to cut him into pieces. Drop in your comments after you see this video and let us know which one is your favorite character.

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Angst prompt: Shepard gives up on the reaper war. They're never going to win, why bother continuing to fight?

(This is similar to something spectreatpemberley sent me about a character being at their lowest)

Shepard dragged herself into her shower, hitting the faucet and letting the burning hot water flow from the head. The water rinsed off the blood and dirt from the mission and Shepard watched through her helmet as it swirled around the drain below. Slowly, she eased herself down the steel wall of her shower and pulled the helmet over her head.

She also reached for the bottle of whiskey that she’d taken from the mess hall, and unscrewed the cap. She took a long swig of it, the alcohol burning down her throat. Setting it aside, she slowly stripped off the rest of her armor, leaving her in a sports bra and the spandex boy-short underwear that she wore under her armor.

She let the water keep hitting her, washing off the blood of dead Asari from her skin. But she felt like it was so deeply ingrained at this point, because it wasn’t just one Asari, or a squad of commandos. It was the entire race. On her. Because she had failed.

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Title: PER ASPERA: Unprepared
Rating: M [includes some semi-explicit sex scenes and violence/body horror]
Pairings/Characters: FemShep/Garrus Vakarian, plus other pairings less central to the story
Spoilers: Mass Effect 3
Warnings: None Apply
Word Count: 260k+ and updating regularly/semi-regularly
Story Summary: During the events of the Reaper War, Shepard finds herself unexpectedly pregnant with a cross-species baby.  She decides to keep her pregnancy a secret as her responsibilities begin to multiply, with the war drawing ever closer to a catastrophic head, but as time passes she finds her secret harder and harder to keep… and the decision on what to do with her child nearly impossible to make.

Read the whole story here: (AO3)

IIIII’ve decided to shamelessly promote my (main, Mass Effect) fic now that it’s getting put up on AO3!  This is just part one of a hopeful series.  Chapter nineteen just went up and chapter twenty is well underway as well, so updates at this point will be regular.  It does involve turian/human baby type stuff, which I know is not everyone’s cup of tea, but maybe give it a go?  Who knows.  Could be fun. <:

I don’t know that we’ll ever see it or dwell there, and of course, the particulars would vary based on playthrough, but I’m curious about a post-Reaper War galaxy - the immediate aftermath, the reconstruction period. We get hints in the epilogues, but for the three beam choices, these scenes display what might be polished futures - images in which eyes are no longer shining with tears but with hope. A galaxy unified, still, and strongly so.

But what of the days and weeks that ebb by as the smoke and haze dissipates, as the injured are treated and the dead are counted? What of the emergency shelters, the refugee encampments, the roll calls, the distribution of resources? What of the unrest and unease, the mistrust and the struggle to work alongside former foes? What of the rise of old prejudices now that the common enemy is vanquished?

Those are the stories I want to hear and see - waking up under the shadow of wreckage, building temporary homes in the hollowed-out corpses of Turian fighters and Reaper claws. Riding out across new wastelands in patchwork skycars. Bristling against new laws that are neither Krogan or human, Quarian or Elcor, but some tenuous amalgam of any and all.

I want to see a post-apocalyptic galaxy struggling to sit upright, to walk - when relief is the merest exhalation before the heroes are momentarily forgotten under the crushing weight of grief and panic. I want to see the days still cast in shadow, the slow building of will to face the hardships of survival, those first forays into the repair and preservation of the tattered remnants of culture.

Those stories are an integral part of the galaxy-yet-to-be, the galaxy free of the Reaper threat, the galaxy propelled forward in the wake of the Normandy - all across the star systems, the trudging, shuffled pace of healing.

Yes, I want the closure to the plot arcs that were left unfinished, and I want the resolution for the characters well-loved, but I also want to see that most raw and real toil - the starting over, the re-learning of what it means to live.


“Stand strong, stand together”© [Fem Shepard/Garrus, SPOILERS, BLUE ENDING]

This music video is about terrible war. Also it has a little piece of love between Shepard and Garrus… Enjoy it.
I’m waiting for your comments;)
Сriticism is allowed.


Это видео о страшной войне со Жнецами… и немного о любви Шепард и Гарруса. Смотрите, оценивайте, ставьте лайки/дислайки, комментируйте и критикуйте;)

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Clone OCs
Additional Tags: Angst, Vague Romance
Series: Part 7 of The Many Adventures of the 796th Star Corps

You’ve read about Commander Hunter as he wrestles with the troubles 796th Star Corps. Now see his formative years, memories of his time in the 662nd Legion and his precious friend Reaper.

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For the mass effect/Steven universe au do u think the gems were there during shepards reaper war? Like what part do u think they would play?

well, my idea for it was like Gems are a big threat to the galaxy just like the reapers and it really amps up the chaos of the reaper war because any planet could be hit by reapers or Gems so they need to be prepared to fight both but its hard because both Reapers and Gems are very different enemies to fight. Gems have no interest in organic life so they’re not harvesting living things but they are cannibalizing the planets which force people to evacuate. This funnels more and more people onto a fewer number of planets which is disastrous when Reapers roll in because now there are huge populations together to gather and harvest. Not to mention every planet Gems harvest greatly increases their number and thus makes them a bigger threat. Gems and Reapers also kind of war with each other, with little regard for anyone caught in between. So they thin each others forces but they’re very destructive in doing so.

The Crystal Gems would be Gems who turned against the homeworld and try to help the assorted alien species fight against the Gems (and the reapers too, but obviously they’re better at fighting their own kind). They’re in a tense alliance with Citadel species because no one really trusts them since they’re those things that keep destroying planets and everyone expects them to suddenly turn on them but they have to give them the benefit of the doubt to have any hope in combating the homeworld Gem forces

I imagine the Crystal Gems have been in this alliance for millenia trying to combat their own kind (and probably struggling to make the assorted alien species of the ME universe understand how dire the threat of Gems is, much like Shepard trying to convince them of the threat of the reapers) so they’ve been around for a while, things just got way more intense when the Reapers showed up because then Gems started hastily harvesting planets to combat/war with the Reaper.

janiemcpants replied to your post:Also 71 and 75, since I sent you some duplicates….

omg, that song hurts SO MUCH because Citadel is really how the series SHOULD have ended and that song, to me, really truly feels like the end of that whole epic journey and I just *cries*


When I got the DLC it was after I finished the series, but I didn’t want to start a new playthrough. So I used my original Shep and it was technically a post endgame save AND THEREFORE THAT IS HOW MASS EFFECT REALLY ENDED!

So now I headcanon away some of the throwaway lines about the “reaper war” or cerberus or whatever and pretend it is postgame.