i honestly dont understand tumblr like

if youre going to bother exuding all of this effort into updating your trash website, why wouldnt you focus it in places where it was actually needed instead of confusing people with pointless and poorly thought out layout changes and animations… 

any ametur web / graphic designer should know that the primary purpose of a website should be functionality, but funnily enough it seems like staff is working actively to make this site less and less useable, for seemingly no reason

like, what, do they just bash their head onto the keyboard in the coding and say “why not?”

I remember how he had blue sports sheets on his bed, and I wished his bookshelf had been bigger. He said he wanted to go into business for the money, but I never heard him say that liked it. When we watched a movie, we never laughed at the same moments; we did not live in sync. We did not live off the brittle pages of a book you haven’t read in ten years, but the pages were still bound together. The pages were laced up by hand and we looked good when we were loosely intertwined. We looked good on paper, but he wasn’t reading in between the lines.
—  my first relationship

#SanCophaLeague #MarshawnLynch

I don’t think many people realize the significance of Marshawn Lynch Anti- Media actions in a time such as this where people sell their souls and let others fuck ‘em in their ass for money. He’s been fined several times and continues to say fuck the media. The NFL commissioner, white people, and house negros mad as fuck. On the low I think Marshawn Lynch on some black power shit reading between the lines. He does his interviews with the “African continent Necklace” purposely made visible around his neck. Dude is my role model lol.

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When I tell you I’ll be fine, I still need you by my side, please just try and read between the lines. Where’s my comfort in the undefined?
—  Beartooth

anonymous asked:

Which sonic game do you think has the best of bad writing? I think you mentioned sonic adventure, but i think black knight was ok.

If I remember right, Sonic’s kind of a jerk in Black Knight. And not in the Han-Solo-scoundrel sort of way, but in a legitimate… like, “dude, too far" sort of way.

I think Sonic actually says that he wants to kill King Arthur at some point? And I don’t think it’s this “read between the lines” thing, I think Sonic comes right out and says it. Maybe he doesn’t use the k-word exactly, but it’s definitely not a “I’m going to destroy you!" kind of line.

Oh, right. Reading a wiki about it, I guess there’s a scene where Knuckles (as Gawain) implies he’s about to attempt suicide, too.

I also don’t like the bait-and-switch. Merlina’s reason is interesting (she seems to be aware that she’s just part of a storybook and doesn’t want the story to end), but… nothing about it feels like it has any impact. There was no sense of mystery, no setup, no nothing. It’s impossible to be interested in it when the story only has one cool idea and it waits until basically the last possible second to spring it on you.

Black Knight’s story is basically:

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You may call this an analysis, if you want.

And it may or may not be accurate.

I gotta say I was a little disappointed by the new Chatty Man interview. I can’t help feeling that, in comparison to the previous two, this one just wasn’t as interesting or witty when it comes to what has been said…

The one interesting thing about it, to me, was how it’s a prime example for how cleverly constructed those interviews really are. I mean it’s pretty obvious that there are two types of 1D interviews: the spontaneous live interviews and the smartly planned/edited interviews.

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death note meme: [1/7] favorite scenes→ an eye for an eye, my friend
- The fact is, I can say that Light Yagami is Kira and Misa Amane is the second Kira, but it won’t be enough to solve the case, and that’s why I’m a little depressed. Is that so unreasonable? 
- Yes, yes, it is. Besides, you should hear yourself it’s as if you won’t be satisfied unless I am Kira !


—Richelle Mead, Gameboard of the Gods | [for guardiansofthegalaxy]