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Replaying Popful Mail on Sega CD for the first time in nearly 20 years. So far it’s completely living up to my fuzzy, nostalgia-soaked memories (imagine Wonder Boy w gameplay by the Ys/Dragon Slayer folks and a typically cheeky localization from Working Designs) but the thing that tickled me the most was this assortment of Mail’s reaction shots.

I was 13 when I first played this, so Mail might be my first silly videogame crush. Totally forgot about that confident face, mixed with the usual goofy anime big-eyes wackiness.

Also pleased that (so far!) she’s been given good lines and not a single mention of her gender has come up. Really expected someone, by now at least, to have said “a g-g-g-girl?? you can’t do that let me help you, also lookin’ good little lady!”

Fingers crossed!

(pics from vg resource)


"That night, on the stage before the Training Center, we bubble our way through a list of questions. Caesar Flickerman, in his twinkling midnight blue suit, his hair, eyelids, and lips still dyed powder blue, flawlessly guides us through the interview. When he asks us about the future, Peeta gets down on one knee, pours out his heart, and begs me to marry him. I, of course, accept. Caesar is beside himself, the Capitol audience is hysterical, shots of crowds around Panem show a country besotted with happiness.”

Catching Fire, Chapter 5