haha Ima shit

Drew short comic about simple Drachet during school and at home (this plot is random and stupid but whatever;;;).  I saw quite a lot of Drachet, so why not?  I like Drachet too :) (but for some reason, I see these guys as more like grampa and grand son)  Still not used to drawing Ratchet, but he’s fun to draw (and easy).

The Spark is the Matter

From: ptero
To: parallelpie

Prompt: (MOD NOTE: edited for length)

Maybe where rodimus and ratchet (mtmte) switch bodies for a couple of days, and spend the time ether being a complete ass in the other persons body or enjoying the others body a bit too much ;) ;)

Rodimus/ultra magnus  any sort of fluff.

lostlight crew vs scavangers or construticons in a epic rap battle or contest  where the winner wins the lost light.

Shockwave/blurr (tf animated)    Where the decpticons lost the war and are all slaves peasents plebs etc and shockwave has to put up with blurr being his master/owner/caretaker etc. Blurr isn’t being a submissive bot for once.

(A kind of merge of ‘Ratchet and Rodimus switch bodies’ and ‘Rodimus/UM fluff’.)

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Ratchet girls be like…