Awww hells yeah! I just got my new R.A.T. 7 mouse! My old R.A.T. 5 crapped out after 2 years worth of service; it’s tour of duty of slaying my foes shall never be forgotten, but out with the old and in with the new! This mouse looks hella awesome, and I’m really looking forward to putting it through the fields of battle. Here’s to another few years of good gaming! 

Now, audios amigos! Those headshots aren’t just going to happen by themselves!


I have the most amazing gaming mouse to play with, the Cyborg R.A.T 7.

I love this mouse watch the video for why.

Behold my Cyborg R.A.T. 7 mouse I received for Christmas! Complete with length, width, weigh, and DPI adjustment, 5 programmable macro buttons and 3 profiles.

Now I just need a better computer….

I apologize for the crappy picture quality 

7 Days of Music Recap

Here’s the list of prompts and stories! Enjoy!

Day One: Your Character’s Fight Song or Battle Anthem 
Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold
Day Two: Your Character’s Love Theme
Take Me To Church - Hozier
The Promise - In This Moment

Day Three: A Childhood Memory
Wake Me Up - Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc (Boyce Avenue Cover)
Day Four: A Secret Wish or Desire
God Says Nothing Back - The Wallflowers
Day Five: A Song For Dark Times
Burn My Shadow - Unkle
Day Six: A Song for Peace or Contemplation
Edge of Faith - Nemesis Theory
Day Seven: A Song That Makes Them Want To Dance
tolen Dance - Milky Chance

every president up until john quincy adams was a rat. jfk was actually 7 rats which is why everyone talks about how handsome he was but because of the presidential rat ban which occurred right before john quincy he had to retire early.

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to10 people.

I was tagged by well-duuuhhh, thanks hun! :DD
1. Look after you by the fray
2. four five seconds
3. don’t run away by david archuleta
4. everything i didnt say by 5sos
5.i know places by taylor swift
6.i dont like mondays by the boomtown rats
7.good girls by 5sos
8.over my head by the fray
9.dont stray by rare times
10.sledgehammer sang by fifth harmony

I tag:

Day 2: Love Song

((I must have two songs. Once upon a time, Melaeth was in love. He enjoyed this brief life-changing moment. Today, the Rat King despises love, but there’s that tiny crack of hope…although it’s looking bleak.))

A touch was all it took. That first touch that initiated their interest. It was quite silly as they both reached for a cloak. Their hands brushed against each other and they looked into the other’s eyes, questioning what they felt.

A word was what pushed them together. Love. When they spoke the word, the entire world disappeared and they were alone in their own universe. “I love you” was whispered into their ears and souls.

A kiss sealed their fate. Their bodies melted into each other, becoming one being pulsing with love, with passion. This was what true happiness was. This was the promise of what the world was supposed to be. This was their life.

Jenris and Melaeth only had dreams and hopes in their hearts. They knew what real love was and they could not wait to live, to experience the many years life had to give them. They held each other in their arms and waited for their future to unfold…

The Rat King walked his sewers endlessly, waiting and hoping to see the Sweet One, but it had been so long and she was not there. He sat down along the wall and waited. He had waited for several nights and he was starting to lose hope. Hiding his face within his hands, he rubbed his skin and stared at nothing. He knew better than to seek out more than friendship and physical pleasure, but no one intrigued him as the Sweet One did. Her innocence, her womanly voice, her touch. He wanted to hold her hand once more, hear her voice, touch her face, feel her lips, caress her body…

He stopped. No, she was too precious to him to simply defile, which drove him mad, but oh, how he longed for the Sweet One. His Sweet One. His. All his. The Rat King waited a while longer, but she never showed up. Rising, he walked back to the main chamber, hiding his expression of disappointment and the tiny speck of heartbreak he was feeling at that moment.

( stormcren )

Discrimination training is fun!

A while ago I reblogged this post about APOPO, which is a non-profit ngo that has spent the last twenty years developing and implementing “hero rats” to clear affected areas of their landmines.

Because I believe in what they do, I decided to adopt a rat ($7/month) and I named it Mirokat after my late, beloved cat Miro.

From the newsletter:

“Mirokat is learning fast and things are getting a bit more interesting and complex! Now that Mirokat knows to pause over the scent of TNT, the trainer is including other scents. This is to teach Mirokat that even when presented with a bouquet of odors, it is to only seek out and indicate the smell of TNT.”

penultimatum asked:

dude i still get upset about my pet rats from 7 years ago too, i understand completely. they are such caring, lovely, and intelligent creatures, so of course we're going to end up forming really close bonds with them. i'm sure they loved you dearly!

I’m p sure one of them was magic
Bc we let them run around the house and we were looking for them to put them away
And I checked the cage just in case and neither of them were in there
So then I found one and put her in the cage and I was looking for the other
And she was?? In the cage???? After I checked for her??????????