I’m taking a US Women’s History course this semester (YES.) and this morning we discussed the history of women being denied individual legal status/positions of power due to “PMS and mood swings, as these factors can negatively affect decision-making”. We were all getting pretty fired up when one girl, bewildered, raised her hand and asked timidly “But… Did women fight that? Back then? Did they, like, rise up against it?” She used the past tense, as if this idea has since been abandoned. Every woman in the class fell into kind of a heartbroken silence. This is the fight, my love. Welcome. I’m so sorry. 

manakdanak said:

Hey do you know of any protests or fund raisers or etc. that will help the black citizens of Ferguson? Or really anything we can do if we are far away from Ferguson and cannot help in person?

There are a series of rallies today (August 14th) at 7pm in cities across the country for Mike Brown and the community of Ferguson. This is the National Moment of Silence #NMOS14 and you can look up details for your city HERE. I will be going to the one in DC at Malcolm X park. 

If anyone else know of any other rallies or places for fundraising, etc. please do respond to this post. 

From the ‘We Demand A Safe Haven To Protect Minorities In Iraq’ protest I went to on 07/09/14

For some reason certain people think that Muslims are completely quiet on what ISIS is doing in Iraq, Syria & elsewhere in the middle east. The picture was taken by the host of the protest