Hey everyone! Due to some interfering things going on, including school and job stuff, I’ve become rather busy and harder to focus on updates. However, instead of putting the blog aside on a hiatus, I thought I’d get you guys involved! If you’re a fellow artist, you can have a chance to be one of 8 guest artists for Ask Killer Dash!

"So how can I be a guest artist?"

All you need to do is draw a picture of Killer Dash either with or without Fluttershy (either way is fine) and submit it to the blog with your email address! Doing this will allow for me to see your style and how you’ll draw the characters for the update. Reblogs/likes will not be counted as entries!

"What if I’m not a good artist?"

Don’t worry! This is not a contest for the best artist! Everyone will get an equal opportunity at being a guest artist. I can’t guarantee a spot to everyone who submits, but don’t be afraid to try!

"What are the requirements for being a guest artist?"

In order for things to run smoothly and get all the guest artists posted in the best way possible, you don’t want to spend too much time on your given update. The updates will range between 2-7 panels, and I’d prefer them to be completed and sent to me no later than 10 days! If you are chosen and need extra time, we can try to work something out depending on the update you are working on. But please don’t enter if you cannot comply under these conditions.

Make sure to include an email address when you send your entry! I will be emailing the chosen artists shortly after the deadline. I will also be sending your script this way and will be your way of sending the panels to me.

The deadline for entries are Friday, October 10th, 2014 @ 12:01am EST! 

Feel free to use these KD and Fluttershy reference sheets to help!

Any other questions you have can be directed over to my mod blog!