Impossible (part 6)

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Hi my lovelies! The next parts will be fluffy ones, but the storm is coming…  xx

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Do you know what the Diva’s Division needs?

Aside from the very clear answer of good storylines and defined characters, they need something else.

Better storytellers.

Obviously, that means they need to be given more time to tell those stories, but they need to have people that can really get on the mic and dish it out. Amazing promos. The occasional functional commentary, where they really dive into their opponent or the people in the ring rather than how amazing they are and other trivial things. They need more than just “I hate this person” or “she can’t beat me”. We need girls that will get out there in vignettes and promos and make us believe in what they’re doing. Use their words to make us love them, or hate them. Make us excited for the next match, make us get behind them.

We also need better storylines, obviously, and better feuds that make more sense, but also great alliances, ones that last for awhile. Factions. Friendships that last more than a few days. None of this frenemie bullshit. Sisterhoods. Girls that band together. Clear heels, clear faces. Girls that help each other out. Girls that stand for, or against, something other than just shitty mean girl, back stabbing stuff that has been going on.

We saw a good bit of what a Diva can do in Naomi’s heel turn. She did what she did, and then she cut promos about it. She’s made it clear that it isn’t about the women she’s going after, it’s about herself and how she’s been overlooked. She’s a heel because she was walked all over. THAT is AWESOME. The issue is, as pointed out in another post, we don’t have clear faces, and everything else is so wishy washy. 

We need more than one feud going on. We need more alliances. We need valets and managers that cut promos for the girls that can’t really do it on the mic. We need things to bring some of the girls together. And, as always, we need better storylines for them. And we need to stop pretending that the guys and girls don’t exist in the same universe, other than when Natty is with Tyson and Cesaro or when Naomi was with The Usos or the occasion time it’s mentioned that Brie is married to Daniel. And I don’t mean for romances. Just friendships, helping each other out, awesome intergender tag team matches. And hell, give us an intergender tag team division! ON THAT NOTE, give us MORE belts for the ladies. Bring back the Women’s Championship. Give THEM a Tag Team Title.  Give them more to do.

Bring that all together, and we’ll have one badass Diva’s division.

My first blog post is up on the RMH website of you guys want to check it out. It’s a few weeks old by now, but there’s more to come. We’re currently re-vamping the website and social marketing plan, and I’ll actually be taking over their tumblr pretty soon. We’ve done a lot of cool shoots recently, so feel free to check it out: RMH

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Fleet of Dreams - Rae Marie

Released: Mar 25, 2014

  • Oh the Love of Jesus
  • Fleet of Dreams
  • Be Holy / Who Can Stand Before You
  • Having Done All to Stand / You Alone Are Worthy
  • Bowing Down
  • The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me
  • Anoint Your Servant, Lord
  • Restoration
  • Together for the Gospel
  • Put On the Full Armor

Share God’s love with someone new today!

xo xo, Christian Music Girl

This summer I got an internship with the wonderful Rachel Marie Hurst, and along with designing, sewing, styling, selling, and much more I will be updating their blog with tales of our adventures. As you can see, all of the interns and Rachel herself write for it, but look for anything by Amy Shank and you’ll know you found me. If you just can’t get enough here are some more links for you:

Rachel Hurst facebook: RMH

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Pregnancy drabble II

Hi my lovelies! Listen, I’ve been struggling a bit with Impossible these last few days. I’ve finally found where I wanted the story to go, and I firmly beliebe you won’t be disappointed. It’ll juste take a little time for me to write the upcoming part. Here’s a little drabble to have something to get your teeth into! Hope you like this xx

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Cover Girls: Debbie Allen, Mara Brock Akil, Shonda Rhimes, Issa Rae and Ava Duvernay cover the May 2015 issue of ESSENCE Magazine

The game changers behind the camera are now on the other side looking GLAMOROUS!

Fanfic Requests

Hi all!
Just letting you know I’ve set up a blog specifically for fanfic: yourwwedreamprompts.tumblr.com please feel free to send me the story you want written either through here, or preferably my fanfic one! Looking forward to writing some of these stories

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS (redux) - listen here

the original upload got flagged and taken down because the cover had the tracklist in it and i couldn’t get it re-uploaded so here is the slighty bigger, better GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS redux

1. parentheses - the blow 2. parachute - ingrid michaelson 3. i really like you - carly rae jepsen 4. secrets - mary lambert 5. if you should try to kiss her - dressy bessy 6. still into you - paramore 7. rollercoaster - charli xcx 8. girlfriend - icona pop 9. ray of sunshine - go sailor  10. i know places - taylor swift 11. rude - kina grannis 12. on directing - tegan and sara 13. riptide - taylor swift 14. electric feel - katy perry 15. hold on we’re going home - astr

The Queen King, Carole

The first song which I ever heard by Carole King was “Anyone at All” which was an OST of my all time favorite “You’ve Got Mail”. Yes, the one with Meg Ryan and the Man from the video of Carly Rae Jepsen “I Really Really Like You”.

I guess I was 17-18 and didn’t found Carole King’s voice very pure, and her singing style very easy-going. I really didn’t know that that song was sung by a woman who was 56 (back in 1998 when the movie came out).

In 2011, I remember clicking a song called “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor which was shared by Per Gessle on Roxette Official. I found that song really nice.

I really didn’t know properly who Carole King was till 2013 when I heard many catchy numbers from the 60s and found out that they have been written by Carole King. 

After hearing a few more songs, I came across a song called “You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor. Got a little into in and saw Carole King’s name in it again. 

“She is marvelous, she is absolutely a legend who is not credited a lot in the current music situation. She really is one of a kind for writing so many hits. Yes, not a lot of women back then were able to write/co-write so many #1s” I thought to myself. 

It was then I told myself that I have to listen to her songs in a little detail.

I added her name 2 years back in the list and finally today, I heard 25+ songs written and sung by her. (Half of them I already knew, yayyy). 

(Yes, I’ll relate her to Roxette and Gessle, don’t worry).

Carole King had the best song writing partnership with Gerry Groffin (Groffin-King) who i’d say is as amazing as Lennon-McCartney.

In 1963, John Lennon was quoted as saying that he wanted Paul McCartney and himself to become “the Goffin-King of England  - Wikipedia

There was something in her songs which has the ability to attract. Yes, that something was the simplicity.

They are to-the-point, story-like, everyday-like with the sweetest most simplest melodies, far away from complexities.  

Please read the line above again?

Who else write such songs?

What? Eminem? 


Lady Gaga?

Oh come on!!

P-E-R G-E-S-S-L-E.

Each and every song in Carole King’s album reminded me of Gessle and his songwriting skill. 

Keep it simple.

It is just like no matter how many 5 Star Restaurants we go to, we’ll ultimately love Bread and Butter and Cheese the most. 

Music has the same rule, one will ultimately love a simple song. 

Found this little tribute note by Gessle from last year when Gerry Groffin died:

A fantastic lyricist and co-writer to so many of our favourite songs has passed away. Here’s a few that you know by heart: DON’T BRING ME DOWN (Check it out w/ The Animals + Tom Petty) - WILL YOU LOVE ME TOMORROW? - GOIN’ BACK (Check it out w/ Dusty Springfield + The Byrds) - TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY BABY - I’M INTO SOMETHING GOOD - A NATURAL WOMAN (Aretha F.) - THE LOCOMOTION. And if you’re slightly younger than me you probably love SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU with Whitney Houston as well. All Gerry’s work. Most of the time together with Carole King. Gerry = One of the best! Thanx. /P.

So yeah, Carole King has contributed in the music Gessle has grew up with and probably has been inspired too. 

Carole King - So rightly named “Carole”.

Love and Peace