No, WWE. Fucking no.

A seven minute championship match, AJ Lee return (god bless my queen) and a “I’m just giving diva’s a chance” line won’t fucking stop the movement. If you actually think your fans are that simple minded, then you boggle my mind as to how the company is running in the first place. 

You want us to shut up? You want us to be satisfied? Then actually #GiveDivasAChance! Give it to them! Longer matches, meaningful commentary, more diva matches, no reused basic diva story lines, no corniness in what you make the diva’s say, none of that crap.

Give our amazing and wonderful divas a chance!


Tonight is Monday Night Raw for the wrestling fandom or Internet Wrestling Community as we’re commonly known. For us it gives a lot of us the chance to see our favorite wrestlers in action.

However with the way things are going in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) things are going poorly. The female wrestlers known as Divas are usually featured in 30 second matches, some are less, they’re not given enough screentime nor do they get the same number of belts. And as AJ Lee pointed out last week, they’re being paid less than their male counterparts.

#GiveDivasAChance and #DivasDeserveBetter is showing the world that the female wrestlers are more than just models, valets, eye candy, etc. They’re wrestlers. Wrestlers who have spent their lives making it to this moment in the WWE, wrestlers who put their bodies on the line for our entertainment. And yet they’re not being treated the same.

They only get two meesly belts (if you count NXT, a lot of people aren’t counting NXT because of what the higher ups claim “gives the wrestlers more of a chance.” They should be included in the movement because one day they will move up into the roster from developmental hell. A lot of the wrestlers both male and female don’t actually like being in development. Don’t believe me? Check out some of Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcasts.), whereas the males get 5-7 championship belts (World Heavyweight, WWE Champion (if you count them seperately), Intercontinental, US Championship, and Tag Team Champions (counting them separate cause they wear two belts.) and the NXT Belt (if you count NXT).

The Divas..if I remember correctlyve tag team belts I believe during LayCool’s reign and even the Divas of Destruction (I can’t remember if that’s it, Natalya and Beth Phoenix were in a tag team and I think they had two belts too.) but WWE went away with it.

Not to mention that if they’re in a mixed tag team match, they can’t attack a male opponent and men can’t attack them. If either do they get fined. (Naomi I believe did a hurricanrana on one of the Usos once after they were mocking her. It was AWESOME. but I believe she got fined for it.) But it’s not like women who were once in the independents like Paige didn’t fight men in the indies. And what does that say to the women who are in the independents that want to be in the WWE?

The #GiveDivasAChance movement is to get them noticed and get people and the WWE to realize that the Divas matches are as fun as the mens matches. That they’re not there for bathroom breaks or intermissions. They’re there to compete. Not to mention that these ladies work their asses off and bring their A game, all to entertain you.

And for those of you that are trying to use the movement to derail it by hating on a diva, might I remind you that the movement is called #GiveDivasAChance not #GiveYourFavesAChance. All of the Divas are equal in the time and effort that they do put in and do prepare. Take your toxicity and go back to your holes. Or better yet stand in solidarity.

And this is to everyone out there: Please reblog and tweet #GiveDivasAChance, make sure it trends. It’s very important that the message is heard by everyone. Even if you’re not in the IWC, please, I ask you to stand in solidarity with us. There are women out there that would kill to be a Diva, let’s make it better for the present Divas, and better for the future Divas.

Because #DivasDeserveBetter.


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