LGBT artists to make you feel like you belong: G A Y 

1. First Time He Kissed A Boy - Kadie Elder | 2. Secrets - Mary Lambert | 3. Demon - Shamir | 4. Shine - Years and Years | 5. Digital Witness - St. Vincent | 8. I Will Be a Wall - Rae Spoon | 7. Ghost - Halsey | 8. Adore You - Miley Cyrus | 9. Thinkin’ ‘bout You - Frank Ocean

Hello fellow Diva lovers, welcome to Divas Appreciation Week (July 6th - July 12th)

Day 1 - Favorite WWE Diva
Day 2 - Favorite Diva Friendship
Day 3 - Favorite Diva Photo shoot
Day 4 - Favorite Diva Promo
Day 5 - Favorite NXT Diva
Day 6 - Favorite Diva Manager
Day 7 - Free Day

It’s almost time for another round of Total Divas, and we at divasdivisionnetwork thought there was no way better to celebrate it than celebrating all of the lovely Divas in the WWE both current, and alumni. You can make anything you’d like to show off your love for your favorite Divas. The only thing we ask is to make sure to tag DAW in the first five tags that way we can see it and reblog it. Please reblog this post to help spread the word around tumblr, so other people can join in on the fun. If you have any questions you can contact us in our inbox, or contact one of the co-owners of the blog. (skippingcrazychick, elenaglilbert, or shesanambrosegirl) We hope you guys have fun, and join in on our little project! 

Fun fact: I happen to love all of the WWE Divas. From Nikki to Naomi, Paige to Alicia, Summer to Cameron, all the way to Eva Marie. I just hate how they’re booked. I hate that I can’t relate to any of their characters. I hate how I don’t know who to cheer at and who to sneer at. I hate that they’re not given the chance or the time to expand their characters. I hate how they make me feel like every woman out there is probably catty and cruel and dishonest deep down inside. I hate how they make me feel like I’m not good enough because I can’t get behind that. I mean, I don’t expect them to be angels, but is bitchy really the ONLY WAY you think women can interact with each other? Most of all I hate how creative took the Give Divas A Chance movement and turned it into a travesty by continuing to treat the Divas Championship the same way they treated it during AJ Lee’s reign….even after AJ’s retirement.

I hate when people say “Certain divas don’t look like wrestlers because of all of the makeup they wear” like what? I hear this a lot from AJ Lee and Paige fans (not all of them obviously) but most of the people who say that are fans of “anti-divas”. Saying that a certain diva doesn’t look like a wrestler because of the makeup they wear is stupid. AJ wore makeup while wrestling, Paige does it too. She actually looks like she wears the same amount of makeup if you ask me. So stop saying that because you sound dumb and hypocritical.

My first blog post is up on the RMH website of you guys want to check it out. It’s a few weeks old by now, but there’s more to come. We’re currently re-vamping the website and social marketing plan, and I’ll actually be taking over their tumblr pretty soon. We’ve done a lot of cool shoots recently, so feel free to check it out: RMH

In the Spotlight...featured designer Rae Marie!

Only 10 days left and 10 designers to feature! 

Meet Rae Marie one of our featured designers

Rae Marie: The Fashion House of Rae Marie is flouncy, flirty, sassy, vibrant and exciting! Rae Marie melds together chic, sexy and sophisticated aesthetic with an urban, hip hop sex appeal. Rae is edgy, hard and bold; Marie is vivacious seductive and romantic. Together they create a clothing line that is full of surprises, personality and style. Together the fashion house of Rae Marie is sexy, edgy and chic.  She will be showing a collection of 20′s inspired garments, mainly inspired by Jazz, the rise of feminism and other key elements found in the 20′s for her RTW 2012 Spring line. The line is bold, fun and gives a unique perspective on modern 20′s fashion. All of her designs will be available for order after the show and can be custom ordered as well.

Check out her interview with our fashion host Arabella! 

Purchase your ticket today at www.foreverdarling.org! 

Fleet of Dreams - Rae Marie

Released: Mar 25, 2014

  • Oh the Love of Jesus
  • Fleet of Dreams
  • Be Holy / Who Can Stand Before You
  • Having Done All to Stand / You Alone Are Worthy
  • Bowing Down
  • The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me
  • Anoint Your Servant, Lord
  • Restoration
  • Together for the Gospel
  • Put On the Full Armor

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This summer I got an internship with the wonderful Rachel Marie Hurst, and along with designing, sewing, styling, selling, and much more I will be updating their blog with tales of our adventures. As you can see, all of the interns and Rachel herself write for it, but look for anything by Amy Shank and you’ll know you found me. If you just can’t get enough here are some more links for you:

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This is Champions of Wrestling. A roleplay group that is AU friendly to whoever would like to play their character in that way. We accept whoever wants to apply and come into a drama free environment. Come one, come all!

Most Wanted Roles:

Finn Balor
Kevin Owens
Sami Zayn
Solomon Crowe
Baron Corbin
John Cena
Hideo Itami
William Regal
Alex Riley
Chris Jericho
Dolph Ziggler

Alicia Fox
Summer Rae
Nikki Bella
Eva Marie
Sasha Banks
Becky Lynch
Alexa Bliss
Stephanie McMahon