London Theatre news: Making your stage debut in the Donmar Warehouse’s critically acclaimed Henry IV may seem like a baptism of fire, but My Mad Fat Diary star Sharon Rooney seems to be taking it in her stride, even if it is keeping her up at night…

Lots of people will know you from My Mad Fat Diary. Is there going to be a third season?

I still have hope, but I don’t have anything confirmed which is really frustrating because everyone asks me. I would like to [do another season] because I think she’s got one more in her. I think we should finish the story, I don’t think it’s finished yet…”


curvygirlonabudget theblanknotebook facephase chicadificil omg so many Emus!  You know who you are, but I love that she wants to do more!


"I think for me, the main reason I really wanted to audition was because I had never been given a script that featured the bigger girl in this way. All the other stuff I’d been sent was always ‘the bully’ or ‘the victim’. It was never just a story, about a girl. There was always some silly ‘thing’ attached. This character had all these issues; eating issues, mental issues, family issues. Just like every other person. She had all these issues but they didn’t define her. She defined her.”