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The original first-wave and second-wave feminists would be fucking ashamed in you. You're a disgrace to the feminist movement. Feminism is about equality between the sexes, not female supremacy. Please NEVER reproduce. And by the way, I'm not a cis male, since you'll already go ahead and automatically assume.

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Paula Deen Bakes an Apology Cake

The former Food Network host makes amends for her old racist comments while serving up some new ones.


For every absurdity there is a champion!

This cake was apparently made by a black artist to raise awareness about female genital mutilation (FGM). I’m entirely against the practise (I don’t give a damn what reasons you supply, cutting off a ten year old’s clit is not OK) and I really wish people were more aware and educated about it. HOWEVER this is a horrendous piece of garbage that seems to mock the girl’s pain, and reduces the practice to a bizarre minstrel show. The Swedish women in the video have been (rightly) criticized for their response of awkward laughter, instead of vomiting everywhere, which one imagines a sane person would do.

Now as “art” I guess you could argue this piece works. Here I am, discussing it. But I think there is more to art than just presenting an awful thing in the most awful way possible. This is garbage, because it relies purely on shock value. It does not say anything meaning about FGM or make us feel more related to those women who suffer such trauma. It is dehumanizing and maybe I’m just not getting something, but I don’t know why a black artist would do this. It’s just racist.


Racism is still alive…but in Sweden, they aren’t even bothering to conceal it.

Minister of Culture?! This is beyond wrong on a multitude of levels! First, what is supposed to be a piece of “art” has completely missed the mark on disseminating an important message regarding FGM. I will tell you why. The use of colonial-era, negative depictions of the African, with the exaggerated features and ‘black-face’ perpetuate these antiquated and vulgar images. And I cannot decide if the minister’s reaction to the outrage of her cutting the cake and poking fun at the situation is more offensive than the actual racist cake. She should NOT be in that position if she can’t understand the gravity of her actions.

This is another one of those moments when I am thankful that things can go viral almost instantly. While there are some people who just really don’t get it, this is one of those situations where common sense should kick in.  

This fool is exactly why we need to talk about self love, knowledge of self and art that can fight. 

“ I think that art is a powerful tool for the oppressed and have seen how it has been used to serve the liberation of beings. Historically, people of color have always held that art should be in the service of life and liberation (most non western cultures prior to and leading through colonization thought this) Art being merely for art’s sake has been a Western thing. I think this is important in this discussion (not to make it one if it doesn’t need to be) because we have a case of art carrying a spirit beyond itself. Meaning this is not merely a cake. This is an intense and multilayered issued affecting many peoples and there is a huge history of kidnapping, rape, colonization and otherwise from the West (Europe) in relation to Africa and our people. So I think when I see a cake (which is not helping to clarify anything) in the form of a racist image of an African (my people and my body) and it’s being made a mockery of by having some Europeans slicing into it (and jokingly at that), starting at the genitals (which invokes a hurtful and dangerous history- Sarah Baartmann, for example) it triggers me and lets me know that this cannot merely be a thing of art for art’s sake because of the material history and continued suffering of the continent and my people today. That’s my train of thought. So I wouldn’t sum up the issue as “people don’t understand”. I do. Artist are not always correct in their thinking and can often help to reproduce a lot of reactionary tendencies. Him being Black only makes me think that he should probably sit more with his people and the ancestors before he speaks again. It doesn’t lend any credibility to the work.” - 

^^^ a comment I left in a discussion about this piece. 


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‘Сolonial racism’: French court orders baker to remove ‘obscene’ cakes depicting oversized genitalia

'Сolonial racism': French court orders baker to remove 'obscene' cakes depicting oversized genitalia

A court in southern France has ordered a local baker to remove “racist” chocolate cakes depicting oversized genitalia from a shop after they were deemed an “affront to human dignity.” Their maker has denied the accusation of inciting racial hatred.

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