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Rachel Hurst Collection Revealed

We all know the Fashions by Rae Marie brand for its playful mix of patterns and edgy take on the silhouettes of the “everyday-wear uniform.” In each of her collections, designer Rachel Hurst expresses her love for city life, the female spirit, and fashion that looks outside the box. Last weekend Hurst revealed her latest collection which transports the Rae Marie spirit from everyday wear to outfits for a night on the town.

The Rachel Hurst collection doesn’t stray too far from what Hurst does best, but paints a portrait of the sexy, confident, daring type woman offering ready-to-wear outfits catering more to the work place and girls-night-out crowd who won’t let their fashion sense settle for being ordinary. When you put on one of Hurst’s pieces, the sidewalks become your runway making the entire city draw its eyes to you.

Sitting right on the runway, I could see close up the execution of each garment; how it moved, how it fit the model, the texture of the material. And with every outfit that walked past, I was picturing what it would look like on my body and how I could integrate pieces into my wardrobe. That’s when you know someone is giving you a good show!

Not only were the clothes fabulous but Hurst has a way of adding a playful nature to every aspect of her runway shows. As the lights were brought up for the first model I knew I was going to be rocking out to some great music in my seat. For me, this is the one time I can put some of that runway etiquette aside and just have a great time! Models like Suzie, Jasmine, Princess, and Amira really brought the garments to life filling the room with the Rachel Hurst vibe. As the models did their final walk you could see months of hard work finally come to fruition. Hurst took the stage to a standing ovation, beaming with gratitude and humility as she does after every show, then retired backstage leaving the crowd wanting more. 

As the attendees slowly slipped back into the nightlife and the models assumed their former selves, I couldn’t help but think, “What will Rachel Hurst do next?”


So if you are looking to be a little more adventurous with your wardrobe get yourself over to the Rachel Marie Hurst website and snag your favorite pieces before they’re gone! And remember, it is my motto here at Denver Dress Up that it is always trendy to buy local.

I want to thank Rachel Hurst for allowing me to attend the launch of her collection. Huge congratulations to you and I wish you the best! I cannot wait to see what you turn out next as I am sure it will be as fierce as the collection before!

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My first blog post is up on the RMH website of you guys want to check it out. It’s a few weeks old by now, but there’s more to come. We’re currently re-vamping the website and social marketing plan, and I’ll actually be taking over their tumblr pretty soon. We’ve done a lot of cool shoots recently, so feel free to check it out: RMH

Check out the blog I'm writing for this summer!

This summer I got an internship with the wonderful Rachel Marie Hurst, and along with designing, sewing, styling, selling, and much more I will be updating their blog with tales of our adventures. As you can see, all of the interns and Rachel herself write for it, but look for anything by Amy Shank and you’ll know you found me. If you just can’t get enough here are some more links for you:

Rachel Hurst facebook: RMH

Rae Marie facebook: RMH

Tumblr: RMH

Twiter: RMH

Pintrest: RMH

My Favorite Picks from the Rachel Hurst Collection!

Ashley Tribal Print Tank

You won’t want to start your summer without these two pieces from Denver designer Rachel Hurst! These are my favorite pieces that I think you can wear casual or out for a night with your gals.

Pair the Ashley tank ($40) with a pair of cutoff shorts (thrift store steal!) or boyfriend jeans and heels for a casual look or dress these babies up with a pair of black leather shorts, tucked in with a great statement necklace!

Angelique Capri

Worried these fashion forward capris ($70) are too trendy for day time? Simply tuck in a loose fitted tank with some simple wedges, add some understated bracelets. To make it sexy, simply switch out your wedges for some pumps, add a splash of vibrant lip color and your ready to meet the girls for cocktails!

You can purchase these looks and more here.

all photos via Rachel Hurst website.

Runway Show Debut of Rachel Hurst Collection

Don’t miss Denver designer Rachel Hurst’s reveal of her latest collection and newest brand name! With a newly (and super sexy) revamped website, Hurst will be showcasing her latest designs which I am sure we will all want to get our hands on. Denver Dress Up has been long awaiting this show! 

Hope to see you this Friday!

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Designer's Voice: Hardest Challenge of Design Part I

This is the first installment of a new little series called Designer’s Voice. Designers of all types will have the chance to speak their mind, show us their work space and tell us what really inspires them. This week I asked designers what, for them, is the hardest aspect of design. Here’s what they said!

Stay tuned for the rest of the answers in this 4 part series!

Rachel Hurst of Fashions by Rae Marie
For me it is a culmination of things. Creating something that is special and unique enough, but not too fussy and wearable all in one design is critical. You have to have something that people want to buy but also will buy. Also designing a collection and being able to draw versus creating what you drew into an actual garment sometimes can be difficult. I find myself having to pull back from the creative side and saying how will someone wear this, how will they get it on, and where will they wear it to? If I cannot answer those questions then I save the piece for later. Knowing your customer is also another difficult task, as soon as I think I know her, something changes or I find out something new, so keeping up with her is definitely a must. Sewing and tailoring is hard as well and having to do everything takes dedication, good time management and determination. And lastly having the balls and guts to put yourself out there! It is such a tough field where everyone has opinions and everyone judges you… it can be a blow to your confidence at times but if you love it, you get right back up the next day and put yourself out there all over again. I guess, a lot of it is hard and difficult, but I love it and wouldn’t change anything.
Rachel Marie Hurst

Joy of PimEra
Rachel, The difficult aspect of designing clothes is being practical about the design. Designing is an art, but also it is engineering; how to make art functional through everyday lifestyles. Creativity is there, but

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The Fashion House of Rae Marie killed it on closing night of Colorado Fashion Week! As usual, I loved her upbeat music choice and I could simply die for everything in her new collection. And how about the opening model’s walk?! I get chills every time. It was like one big, it was hard to stay put in my seat. Enjoy the video!

This is such an amazing feat for the Colorado Fashion Industry! Huge congratulations and Thank You to Justice for making this possible. Celebrate by making a friends night out and come to this year’s Colorado Fashion Week 2012 starting October 2nd and purchase your tickets here. We have a great line up of designers both established and emerging. And a few of my favorites have made it into this year’s show!

Hope to see you there!