Wolfaboos will usually site that dogs are responsible for more livestock kills than wolves, which is true (sorry I can’t find a link right now to the statistics :( )
The thing is that when dogs kill livestock we…..you know…..kill them. When cats kill livestock we kill them as well. We don’t let dogs, cats, or any other animal get away with killing livestock which costs thousands of dollars to raise and care for.
I see very few wolfaboos give a damn about dogs being killed (even though alot of them claim wolves are just big dogs) but omg if a rancher kills a wolf that attacked his stock that’s disgusting murder and totes not ok.

Furries who hunt are not furries at all.

So yeah if you’re a therian or a furry and hunt you are not a furry/therian. Also I like to point out Shaspio’s comment in this discussion as he claimed that coyotes are a type of wolf. This is coming from someone who claims he knows wolves. 

That Josh guy was really pissing me off. He left the Wolf Therian group saying “since people hate wolves here” simply because we said “not everything is about wolves.” I kid you not. Doesn’t surprise me he would do this.

I swear, we need a Josh tag or something.

-Mod Z

So Here's What Happened With Josh

I’m a local to Josh, who shares a few furry groups and have even attended meets where he was present. I knew about his feverish obsession with Wolves and anti-hunting, but I had no idea the extent it has reached, as I had unfriended him on Facebook after he told me he’d rather see people in Alaska starve to death than allow hunters to regulate the Wolf population to protect the Game animals in the area.

I’d been following this blog for a while, and I knew he came up every so often, but never thought much of it. I’d always shake my head and think “Typical Josh”, and move on.

Today I saw the post about him wanting to murder hunters, telling others to shoot hunters, and his disturbing reactions to hunting in general as of late, and I was appalled. I had no idea his idiocy had escalated to that extent, and it really made me sick.

I didn’t think our group would want someone like that associated with us, or attending meets. Especially considering that some of the other members were hunters, or had family who were. I no longer felt it was safe with him in the group, nor safe with him at a meet, And I was sure if everyone else knew of his behavior, they wouldn’t either. I mean, what if a debate broke out at a meet and he tried to hurt someone because they were a hunter? Or advocated hunting?

So I contacted the group admin, and showed him the posts, I didn’t demand he be kicked out. I simply wanted them to have a look, and pass judgement as they saw fit. And they agreed that his behavior was disturbing and embarrassing, and he was to be removed and barred from any future meets with us

The group’s number 1 concern is the safety and comfort of its members, in the group online, and at meets. He was removed because he was viewed as threatening. 

My guess, is that the Admin showed Josh this page as to why he was being removed. It wasn’t my intention for him to see the page, and I apologize if it causes you any problems.

And in case you missed my re-blog, Josh is now trying to say it’s all made up: http://imgur.com/vPfQYAc