Hey mytawdryquirks, I was your rvb secret santa. since you wanted something about Wash, I have him freaking out about tucker and/or caboose’s incompetence. You decide what it’s about, because it could literally be anything, like caboose breathing too deeply or something.

Here are the 3 individual frames for this gif (they’re a bit higher res than the gif itself too):

Tucker takes Junior to see Big Hero Six.

As soon as Junior sees Wasabi and notices he’s wearing Tucker’s favourite colour, Junior is convinced that Tucker starred in the movie.

For Junior’s birthday, Tucker organises a party where he and the others dress up as the characters and it’s the best birthday party ever.

Going back and re watching season 8, chapter 6 of RVB I noticed that Delta appeared to Caboose through the small floating robot that Epsilon Church was inhabiting. Delta stated that Epsilon was not aware that the other memories existed, but will eventually find out. Also said that the cycle would start again.

This brings an interesting point: There are four stages of a ‘Rampant AI’ which can be found here: http://rvb.wikia.com/wiki/Artificial_Intelligence

It discusses the four stages an AI unit could go through before becoming ‘Meta’. But, basically it’s saying that although Epsilon expressed personality and a bit of sentience, he never achieved the stage of Metastability.

Fast forward to Season 12 of RVB with Carolina and Epsilon Church’s first appearance- where Epsilon is seen speaking to the other AI fragments or memories of those fragments. We also see him having erratic behavior and telling Carolina he has a headache (see above article). Add this to the fact that the Chairman is in possession of Maine/Meta’s helmet (and other various Freelancer equipment) and we know the Reds, Blues, and various other members will (more than likely) be meeting him next season and possibly boarding his ship. 

There are two things that stick out to me:

With the end of Season 12 and Epsilon Church revealing himself to the Chairman, the Chairman initially planned for Carolina and her rag tag team to come aboard the ship. I feel once on the ship, the Chairman will be revealed to be working with Junior (as he is the destroyer indicated in the BGC) and that he wants Tucker’s sword (since Junior is technically the biological son of Tucker, I think Junior will be able to wield the sword no problem), but he’s also looking to collect Epsilon because he needs him and the AI memories to infect Junior (as depicted in Season 5 the very last episode with Wyoming and Gamma) so he can establish an army,

Or (this is an interesting idea on my end)

Epsilon will start the cycle over as indicated by Delta in Season 8.

That possibly, the moment they enter that ship with all the Freelancer equipment, while Carolina has Epsilon and all the AI memories, Epsilon will be overwhelmed and will achieve ‘Metastability’ and Carolina could achieve a Meta-like state since he’s in her armor.

Could you imagine the scene?

When Epsilon runs rampant in Carolina’s head, she breaks down and tries to fight it. She grabs both sides of her helmet and starts to yell and scream. Suddenly, she stands still and picks herself up off the ground. She composes herself and casually walks over to the Meta’s helmet and proceeds to takes off her own. She turns around to everyone in the room and you see Carolina’s face, but her eyes are different from the last time we saw them.Wash lets out a gasp- he knows what’s happening and he’s terrified. Carolina grabs the Meta’s helmet and slides it over her head, her camouflage device cloaking Meta’s helmet to match her own armor. 

Carolina is the Meta now.

Au where Simmons brings his Hawaiian redneck boyfriend to his super Christian family. Where Mr.Simmons ends up getting along with Grif really well and states that while he doesn’t want him dating his son, he wants Grif to be his son. And Simmons is depressed hearing this, but Grif just laughs it off and tells him he has nothing in common with that dick, he just wanted him to like him for Simmons’ sake. uwu

((Hello! I’m here to ruin everyone’s night!))

((AU in which North outlives South by killing her. It’s not in North’s nature to be aggressive towards family members or friends, but what the hell? She dies anyway.))

((North would cradle her body, sobbing and apologizing over and over again. He’d tell her how much he loved her, how much she meant to him. He’s completely broken over this. He’s thrown her helmet off and is stroking her hair.))

((ENTER TEAM BADASS. I.e. this is also an AU in which Tex manages to talk Carolina into joining her. So those two, plus York and Wash, enter the scene. They’re Team Badass. They see North and are like ‘well shit, he did this for us we can’t leave plus we all love him too much’. So now they’re trying to talk him into getting up and leaving.))

((Only, North doesn’t want to leave. He keeps saying he wishes it was him and he’s not leaving her alone. He’s never left her alone. She needs him. Everyone, including the AI, are trying to get him to move already because holy shit here come reinforcements. North, we have to MOVE!))

((Finally, he’s like… “i’m not going to leave with out her…” And then they talk about how her body will be dead weight, etc. But she deserves a proper burial, she was just following orders, it’s not her fault. North is adamant.))

((The idea comes from Tex. “We’ll take turns carrying her.” Because she knows who she is now, and it’s not the same thing not by a mile. So this kid, who hated her so much, deserve a proper burial because that’s what people do. They don’t make shadows of their dearly departed.))

((So, York and Wash help North to his feet and North gently picks up South. She’s light, even with the armor. Tex makes sure everyone is ready to go, and they make a break for it.))

((You’re welcome.))